Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It Takes Some Longer Than Others (Kinda)

"It was unusual to say the least. The bride wore black for most of the day and surrounded by 300 candles, and in front of 80 guests, the couple were given a pagan blessing.

The wedding of socialite Pearl Lowe, 40, and Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey, 34, took place last week in Somerset in front of celebrity friends and family.

...Pearl and Danny have been together for 13 years and managed to survive rocky parts of their relationship, including the mother-of-four's drug addiction, which she detailed in her 2007 autobiography All That Glitters: Living On The Dark Side Of Rock & Roll.

...In it she describes a wife-swapping scandal as 'burning in an inferno of my own creation'.

...In 2004, Pearl's long-held suspicion that her friend Gavin Rossdale - husband of Gwen Stefani - was the biological father of her eldest daughter Daisy was proved after a DNA test.

The following year, a tabloid claimed the pair had indulged in wife-swapping sessions with former couple Jude Law and Sadie Frost, part of their Primrose Hill social set.

It was after tiring of this that they swapped their North London for the country life after buying a home in Somerset this year."

-- The Daily Mail

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  1. If you have not read All That Glitters, you must couldn't put it down
    If she has turned her life around and now has this it gives hope to many out there