Saturday, October 2, 2010

Love The Environment (Except For These Guys)

Whoops - busted! This ad has got a lot of people upset at the NewAge Earth Patrol; it's even got them calling environmentalists "Nazis" and "fascists". Gee, guys, you think?

I never would've noticed.

Of course, serious individuals that they are, they'll forget about it tomorrow, so today I'm going to ask you to imagine what it's like, trying to maneuver through NewAgers as a skeptic. You're just trying to get on with it. They are determined to make life Hell. And there's a lot of them. Enough to make this high-profile video. It used to be just the weirds - now whole corporations have their business plans built around "going green". You all recycle, right? Welcome to the NewAge.

It's not like environmentalists have ever changed their message, goals, or tactics. All this particular environmentalist group, 10:10, did wrong was raising the flame on this particular frog too soon. It seems that killing skeptics was too much, too soon, while daily harassment - including spitting in their coffee - that was within the boundaries of NewAge good taste. Yes, environmentalists were saints then. And the children they've raised are as charming as they are:

No - seriously - if ever there was a kid looking for a smack down, there he is:

Little Hitler himself.

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