Sunday, October 31, 2010

He's Got The Cattle (But Should Lose The Hat)

Except for that damned hat, we usually don't have too much beef with Roger L. Simon. He's usually right-on-point with his political observations, and Pajamas Media is brilliant, as an idea, if not always in execution (Watch one episode of "Trifecta" and tell us you're watching good television - we dare you). His latest column is a good example of how close our views are and, also, where we part ways:
"Much of the blogosphere is appalled, as well it should be, at the selection of Yusuf Islam — nĂ© Cat Stevens — to perform at Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s now absurdly named 'Rally to Restore Sanity.'"
Oh, NOW it's absurd, but it wasn't when cultist Arianna Huffington announced her participation? Or cultist Oprah Winfrey announced hers? (Can anyone explain the "cloak of invisibility" those two exist under in the mediasphere?)

Incredible. It seems to us, Ol' Rog is so into the Islamofascism thing, he's missing the hole in "spiritual" nonsense altogether.
"Stewart and Colbert are dumb and uniniformed.  Although they pretend to be more, they are just mildly talented entertainers with the depth of a petri dish who rely on their writers to stoke them with material and ideas.  And no one told them Cat Stevens supported killing a fellow artist merely for exercising free expression. And unlike many of you, they simply didn’t know themselves.  They thought he was, you know, just a peaceful ex-hippie dude who went Islamic spiritual instead of zen. (Okay, that irritated some people, but so what? It would be nice to see them squirm.)"
Because we accept - even in a rally to support sanity - that everybody's got to be a "spiritual" something or other, right? We can't just drop the whole "spiritual" thing, can we? (Those Pajamas Media-types can't seem to drop the race thing, either.) Nope. Christianity, or whatever, must be replaced with something equally nonsensical, and then paraded before the rest of us as the epitome of rational thought - even though we're discussing "faith" which has no rational basis.
"Of course these are the supposedly 'cool' leaders of the liberal or progressive,  call-it-what- you-want, movement right now. They are above the fray, smarter than the rest of us, and anxious to return us all to sanity.  Spare me. Back in the day they used to call the Republicans the dumb party and the Democrats the evil party. The way things are going, I think they got it two-thirds right.  There are two dumb parties and one evil one."
Yea, and that would be the political party that prefers Islam or zen to Christianity - or not bothering to worship at all - which ain't "cool" but insanity itself.

And, on that, we and Roger Simon can totally agree.

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