Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TMR: We Have Answers For All Life's Problems

Here's a pretty good talk about Scientology, where it's pointed out the "religion" scam is only carted out when it suits the cult's needs.

It used to be the non-religious psychological "breakthrough" of Dianetics, remember?

And then, later, what starts off as a great topic for discussion - why some women are so gullible to the "supernatural" gambit - devolves into some boring "maybe they don't get enough science" bullshit we've heard waaay too many times before.

Have these people ever actually met any cultish women?

We know we shouldn't be surprised - since it's a conversation between scientists - but it reminds us all-too-well (again) how trapped scientists are in their own cultish bubble, and how wrong-headed they can be without first-hand experience with cult behavior. (On the other hand, of course, if they had first-hand experience they wouldn't be asking questions to begin with.) Anyway, here's a clue - from someone who's experienced - for anyone who cares:

If you give cultish women science training in anything, by the time they're done with it, it will have become a pseudoscience they're trying to force up the ass of the medical profession.

So what's our solution to the problem?

It would suit the needs of the nation better if we made them prostitutes selling pussy in the snow.

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