Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chuck Shumer: The Tea Party - What A Party!!!!

Charles Schumer (D-NY) is a wiener, and has always been a wiener, but now that the Tea Party's coming up, he's also becoming a whiner:
I rise today to speak about the current debate over the federal budget. Yesterday, we had a very telling—and troubling—vote in the House of Representatives.

On the three-week continuing resolution needed to avoid a government shutdown on March 18, Speaker Boehner was forced to rely on votes from House Democrats in order to pass a measure he himself negotiated.

The reason was, conservative Republicans abandoned their party leadership in droves out of anger that the measure lacked special-interest add-ons dealing with ideological issues like abortion, net neutrality and global warming.

In all, 54 conservative Republicans rejected the measure—even though it was necessary to avert a shutdown, and even though it included $6 billion in cuts to domestic discretionary spending. This is a bad omen. This was not supposed to happen.
Yes it is, Chuck. That's what we sent Weepy there for - not to compromise with you, but to run over you - that's what "taking back our government" means. And he's proud to be our leader - haven't you seen him cry?
The Speaker has said all along that he wants to avoid a shutdown at all costs, and I believe him. He is a good man. The problem is, a large percentage of those in his party don’t feel the same way.

They think “compromise” is a dirty word. They think taking any steps to avert a shutdown would mean being the first to blink.
That's right. Remember when we were saying your party was engaging in Liberal Fascism and you laughed at us? That didn't make you stop, or even consider compromise - you pressed on. Well, now you get to see what that feels like. Does it hurt?
It’s clear that there is no path to compromise that goes through the Tea Party. We urge Speaker Boehner to push ahead without them. We are ready to work with him if he is willing to buck the extreme element of his party.

Throughout this debate, Democrats have repeatedly shown a willingness to negotiate, a willingness to meet Republicans in the middle.

And yet the rank-and-file of the House GOP has been utterly unrelenting. They've wrapped their arms around the discredited, reckless approach advanced by H.R. 1, and they won't let go.
Gee, Chuck, that reminds me of a speech I heard a few years ago - or was it a promise? Something to do with pitbulls - and lipstick,...
In order to avoid a dead end on these budget talks, [Boehner] should abandon the Tea Party and work to find a bipartisan consensus. It’s the only way out of this bind.
No, there's another way:

We kick you all to the curb and start over.

How do you like the sound of that, Chuckie?

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