Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It Goes On: Sarah, Psychics & Kate: Beware Will

I'm continuing to follow this story because, I have to admit, it's fun. First, let's get you caught up:

Rumours are continuing to swirl around Prince Andrew, Duke of York and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson.

Last week it was revealed that the Duke had broken all ties with his former friend, the convicted sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein, who had given his ex-wife £15,000 to help pay her debts. Ms Ferguson has now admitted that she had made a ‘gigantic error’ in accepting the money. Mr Epstein is now facing further investigation in the US over his alleged procurement of under-age girls at social events he hosted and which were attended by high-profile figures.
And further questions have been asked about the incident in which Ms Ferguson was recorded in a News of the World (NOW) sting where she offered a reporter posing as an Arab businessman £500,000 to gain access to her former husband. At the time, she adamantly denied that the Duke knew anything about it. The Duke denied knowing the reported go-between who arranged the meeting between the NOW and Ms Ferguson, Azra Scagliarini. But it has since emerged that he did know of Ms Scagliarini, who was Ms Ferguson’s psychic, because she had sent him a Christmas present and he had written her a thank-you letter in which he thanked her for her ‘help and friendship’.
And now we have this:

In a highly unusual move, the royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton has been receiving advice from her late mother-in-law with the help of a titled psychic.

The medium, who insists on anonymity but who belongs to one of England's most distinguished families, regularly contacts the dead on behalf of members of the political and social establishment, including the Duchess of York, who suggested that Kate would benefit from a "conversation" with Princess Diana.

"Kate was a bit sceptical, but the pressure has been getting to her recently," a family friend reveals. "In the end, she thought no harm could be done and agreed to attend a séance with her sister Philippa."
Psychics are bound by a code of client confidentiality, but family friends report that the sisters' mood of light-hearted scepticism was quickly dispelled when the unmistakable voice of Diana was channelled through the psychic, revealing details of Prince William's life which only a mother would know.

During the 45-minute session, Princess Diana is reported to have been "giggly and delighted" that Kate was to become her daughter-in-law. On a more serious note, she expressed concern about the princess-to-be's diet, and advised Kate to watch out for certain named members of Prince Charles's inner circle of advisers.

Prince William is reported to be "not best pleased" by his future wife's show of independence.
Just a few exit questions:

Considering there's never been a real psychic, which means they're all liars, how much credence can we give to their "code of client confidentiality"? (And what kind of "reporter" is gullible enough to fall for that line? If you ask me, reporters today just ain't what they used to be,...)

Notice how Kate's reported attitude ("no harm could be done") is the same twisted logic (they never ask what good could be done?) that people use to get themselves into NewAge quackery - which kills and harms people, regularly, in all sorts of unforeseen ways? And hasn't the poor girl ever heard the words "scam" or "fraud" or "con man" before? Hasn't she noticed how crappy Diana and Fergie's lives have turned out to be though they both have listened to these nutjobs?

Notice how visiting a trouble-making liar - probably for a fee - is framed as a woman's "show of independence"? Independence from whom? And if they mean Kate's trying to gain independence already from her future husband, Prince William - before they're even wed - should he be marrying her to begin with?

Notice how Fergie - a woman who couldn't keep her own marriage together and has been involved in one scandal after another - has to interfere in another's marriage, before it's even gotten going, and is determined to weave NewAge into it - and her antics aren't questioned by anyone?

And finally - boy, it sure did Diana a whole lot of good (and is still apparently doing so for Fergie) to be mixed up with these psychic cult monsters, didn't it?

My advice to Prince William:

If any of this psychic business is true, break off the engagement, or at least postpone things, until you're sure Fergie's out of your relationship and Kate's got her head on straight. If Kate still sees throwing money at frauds claiming they're howling at the moon for your momma as a "show of independence" then let the bitch be independent - without you.

Who needs some crazy feminist - throwing money away for interference like this - for the rest of your life?


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