Monday, March 14, 2011

The Crack Emcee: This Is How It's Done

Moving a little slow today when it comes to blogging - discussing music with people elsewhere - but I thought I'd show how I work, since I don't read, play, or do notation:

This is "Temporary Jigsaw", a demo that was started by an artist I respect immensely - "Uncle Ray" Wilcox. He had it laying around in it's original version and played it for me, blowing me away, so I told him I'd finish it for him. I took it home, re-did it on my computer, and wrote some very-conservative lyrics for it (criticizing both gangsta and hippie posturing) resulting in this:

Temporary Jigsaw by The Crack Emcee

Later, I presented that recording to the band and here's what we did with it - you'll notice nothing is different but the outrageously good lead guitarist having his way with it (Mike Cavesano, above in the brown jacket, with our bass player, Ubi Whitaker, who is Bob Dylan's God Son) and my spectacular drummer, friend, and long-time collaborator, Kevin Carnes, doing his thing:

Temporary Jigsaw by The Crack Emcee

So, with only a few exceptions, that's how these songs were created. Hope you like them!


If anybody's saving these - put this live version ahead of "Baldhead Friend" in your track list.

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