Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two More Songs From The Crack Emcee's Little White Radio: "Baldhead Friend" & "Democracy Sucks!" (Also Including The Bill & Monica Mix!)

I've got three tracks for you today - actually two, but the second one, "Democracy Sucks!", had to be re-worked to fit on the CD you see above, The Big Lowensky: Crackhouse Hits From the Clinton Era. I'm putting them together because of what makes them special to me:

I wrote them both on a napkin over breakfast, rehearsed them that day, and had them on stage that same night.

"Baldhead Friend" was written for a friend of mine - Darren - who had a rough time choosing between the two girls he was sleeping with, ultimately losing them both, of course. Being happily married at the time, I found his problem funny.

Baldhead Friend by The Crack Emcee

This version of "Democracy Sucks!" should be downloaded and put in your music player, to immediately follow "Baldhead Friend", so, together, they achieve the proper "flow". They're from several sets of tracks - labeled "Little White Radio: Broadcasting LIVE" - recorded at the end of a tour (listen to my voice - it's wrecked.) Little White Radio is the name I release my Rock music under.

Democracy Sucks by The Crack Emcee

Next is "The Bill & Monica Mix". Like most Americans, I was fascinated by that whole mess at the time - and thought Bill got what he deserved - though I must admit I've been confused since then by the respect he's maintained - Hillary, too, for her role in the cover-up. If back then anyone had ever told me she'd one day be our Secretary of State, I'd have said they were crazy.

It's my opinion that Bill's a NewAge sleaze, Hillary's a NewAge liar, and Monica's a fool.

There, I said it - I've been invited to a friend's house for coffee, so I'll post my usual stuff when I get back - hope you like the re-mix, and - again - donations (to help get me back to doing this) are always accepted:

Democracy Sucks [The Bill + Monica Mix] by The Crack Emcee


  1. The tracks are divine, Crack.

    Glad I finally got a chance to listen to you.

    Utter chaos. That's some noise you're making, kid.

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