Saturday, March 5, 2011

From Charlie Sheen 2 Charlie Brown: WINNING!


  1. Dear Mr. Crack,

    My comment is completely off topic, but I would be interested to hear your take on an observation that I have made.

    Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Ben Jealous, Jim Wallis have many things in common including their very light complections. Now, it has seemed to me that these guys may be over compensating for said lightness.

    Did Ben Jealous have to join the NAACP just so folks would know he's black? Do these guys feel that they must overcome their affliction by being extreme, to prove that their down? Or are they just desperate to prove something to themselves?

    Am I on to something here?

    Or, am I just a big fat, knuckle-dragging, right-wing, nazi, anti-union, Oprah hating, freedom loving, islamophobic, ignorant, racist bitch?

    Tell me true. I can take it.

  2. Nah, they're all too old for skin color to matter in that way - they're just crazy. (Race is funny in this country, where you can be white as a sheet, yet still think of yourself as pitch "black" because your attitudes run a certain way.) I think it's funny how a Charlie Sheen can be seen as nuts - just plain ol' insane - but these black guys must have a reason. They don't:

    They're just "out there".

    But since you asked, more important, I think (and I really hate to say this) is the sad legacy of slavery. These fools somehow don't understand the Civil War ended in 1865, which is why you get Halle Barry still talking about the "one-drop" rule and the idiots you mentioned still out to correct what they see as historical wrongs. All of them, in 2011, trapped in the past, so of little-to-no-good to the rest of us today.

    Are you a racist for suspecting otherwise? No, again, because if there's one thing racists (of any color) haven't done, it's make it easy for the rest of us to unravel their nonsense.

    You know, in the old days, a crazy person was just a crazy person and, once we figured that out, we put them away and that was that. Now - whether it's the yahoo down the street or a big name celebrity - we're forced to live with them, which can make anyone start to wonder who's off their rocker. You or them? Trust me on this one:

    It's them.

    The "why" ain't even worth speculation anymore,...

    Thanks for writing.

  3. BTW - you might not have noticed, but the topic of race is right where I left off the "How We Really Are Now" series. I will be picking it up again, so stay tuned - I just hate for my files of shit to get too backed up: I just started throwing a lot of the extra stuff on twitter today.

    How we're getting white MLKs, white "first black presidents", and even Hallie Barry's white/black baby - but, curiously, no black white folks - is a NewAge tale worth telling, and - hopefully - worth reading, too.

    How NewAge nonsense, and all that flows from it, is accepted as normal - and not crazy - I don't know because, personally, I think I'm so onto it/into it, I'm probably the only one waiting for the day it's hold breaks, and we come to our senses - allowing us to smack ourselves upside the forehead, post 9/11 style, and finally see ourselves as a nation again.

    I know it'll happen, the only questions for me are when? and how? and will I be alive?

  4. Mr. Crack,

    Thanks for your response. A lot can be said on the subject because its flame is kept alive for a variety of reasons.

    The part where I asked if I was racist, to even broach the subject, was not posed seriously. I know who I am, I don't need to ask someone else. I was just riffing on all the PC/racist bullshit.

    Me, I don't give a shit about race.

    The whole issue is nothing but an industry now, or a multitude of industries, each using it to further their own purposes. Americans are growing weary of all the baiters and are catching on to their agendas.

    The societal divisions that these hucksters create, whether with or without malicious intent, is a sad commentary on our failure to stand up and say enough.