Saturday, March 5, 2011

The New York Times Thinks We're Too Cynical?

We thought this was worth mentioning, even though we don't watch FOX News, but are only accused of it. From the mouth of New York Times executive editor Bill Keller:
I think if you're a regular viewer of Fox News, you're among the most cynical people on planet Earth.
Wow. Just wow - but, since FOX viewers are mostly conservatives, that statement does prompt a question:

After 10 years of The New York Times' unwarranted Bush bashing, Tea Party lies, Sarah Palin slander, NewAge misinformation - and just good old fashioned "making things up" - where does this clown think we got our current cynicism from?

Plus, don't forget, there can be an upside to cynicism:

As the Left learned during their march to the White House, it can work really well as a tool for steamrolling the opposition.

Look, get used to it, kids. And if it'll help you to understand us better now, pull out your old records by The Clash and listen to "The Clampdown" for a refresher:

"Let fury rule the hour - anger can be power - if you know how to use it!"
Yeah! See, you weren't the only Punks in the audience after all! We were listening, and learning, and - hey - you were asking for it!

So, as the old saying goes, you want it? You got it!



  1. From a purely business perspective I've never understood the "insult potential customers" approach. Me, I think it's flawed.

    However, I do encourage the Times, et al to keep up the good work of insulting a large majority of the country. Better the devil you know.

    I'm a small business owner and if I took the same approach my present income, which took a 40% hit since 2008, would slide down below the poverty line.

    One of my best customers is your typical "aging hipster doofus" (thanks, Jerry). Go to his office and view the proudly displayed photo of him shaking hands with candidate Obama, sans price tag, I guess to give the illusion that they're buddies. As your eye travels down to his desktop you'll find the Times website open, so you'll know that he keeps up, and lest you forget he will never miss an opportunity to say the most insulting things about the right and Republicans.

    Of course, I've never told him what my political leanings are, as ours is a business relationship and that info has no place, though someone forgot to tell him that. However, I do have a fantasy that the right opportunity will one day present itself and I will unleash ten years of shit on his 60's throw back ass.

    And just for flavor; every single time I see this clown he has to re-tell the story about how he once had hair that was so long it reached his ass. WTF? Is this some kind of special talent, this growing of hair?

    What a douche!

    God, I'm so friggn' sick of lefties!

  2. missbosslady-- You demonstrate cynicism pretty well, even if it's of a passive aggressive sort that speaking your mind is a fantasy (even if it's that lashing out as you characterize) that you hope someday will materialize.

    Also, Fox (Just Don't Call It News) viewers are hardly a majority of the country... they're not even a majority of TV news consumers (at about half of the lowest broadcast ratings) ... they're not even a majority of cable TV watchers (they're 5th, way behind Nickelodeon)

    & Crack --

    Could you give an example of some Bush bashing that was unwarranted. Thanks

  3. Jim,

    While I find it hard to believe the paper that employs, both, Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd could prompt such a question, I'll make this simple for both of us (considering the enormous effort a Google search entails these days) and merely remind you the NYT was violently against every Bush policy the Obama administration has left in place.

    And, if they've been left in place, then they must have been correct.

    If they were correct, then the 8 years of earlier criticism must have been wrong.

    And, if he 8 years of earlier criticism must have been wrong, then it was also unwarranted.