Monday, March 7, 2011

Mary Katharine Ham: Hamming It Up Too Much

Out of all the conservative talkers, we probably find Mary Katharine Ham to be the most insufferable - and yeah, that's saying a lot when we include the likes of Bible-thumping bulldogs like Sean Hannity. Even when we agree with her - as we do here - she still comes off as being as smug as any San Francisco liberal (what's with her gratuitous reappearance for a hair flip at the end of this piece?)

Sure, she's not bad looking, and has a mouth that a friend of ours won't shut up about, but other than those typical superficial female attributes that women use to get ahead, there's absolutely nothing special about Mary Katharine Ham. So she's noticed the "new civility/new tone" is hypocrisy in action? Well, whoop-de-doo, that pretty much puts her with everyone who isn't a liberal out there. Does she have anything else to add to that observation? Sure:

That fucking hair flip.

Look, Mary Katharine Ham is a staunch conservative, and she does really well defending our ideals on the TV talk shows we've seen her on (when we bother watching). But if "new conservatism" is going to have legitimacy attacking, say, Tina Brown's "new" Newsweek as "staleness, meaning a lack of both a) editorial imagination and b) news" then the Right, too, will have to do better than trying to cover those same deficiencies by plastering another woman's face before the public and claiming it's a great leap forward. It ain't:

And the fact our friend is focused on Mary Katharine Ham's mouth - and not what comes out of it - is proof enough of that.

[The controversy continues,...]


  1. I'll take Ham's hair flip over Amy Goodman's underarm odor any day.

  2. Totally agree Crack, I saw this yesterday via Instapundit and when it was over asked myself what the heck the point of THAT was...yea, the hair thing, like they wanted to use all of the tape right to the end.

  3. Crack, you need to expand your horizons concerning what a real Bible thumper is like. I remember being harassed by a fundamentalist who told me I was going to hell because I was wearing jeans and needed a hair cut.

    This was on the steps of the church I was entering to go to youth group. 8)


  4. TMink,

    I listen to Hannity on the radio (I don't watch much TV these days) and like him, but, as an atheist, I have to do the eye roll from time-to-time on him. That's all I'm saying. But I agree with you:

    There are much worse.

  5. I have to admit it, I've never really been impressed with her either. Maybe she has had some new and original ideas but I've missed seeing them.

    Then again much of the blogosphere - both right and left - is just circular reporting the same stuff and opinions over and over again. It's unusual to get an original take on anything because of it.

  6. I think that the biggest reason that video wasn't more effective (the second biggest being that I think "new civility" rather than "new tone") is that the disclaimer at the end is too fast to hear properly and the *disclaimer* is the funny part. It's the punch line, it needs to punch and it didn't.

    I think that the hair flipping and hamming it up wouldn't take center stage quite so much if the disclaimer caught the proper attention at the end.

  7. Dude, when did you start using the royal "we" ? Has James Taranto hacked your site? While I don't really object to the royal "we", it's not very, um, macho.

  8. If you don't like Sean Hannity, then I just have one question for you:

    Why do you hate America?

  9. Maguro,

    I've abandoned "the royal wee" because of your comment. And, yes, it was because of James Taranto. I love the guy.


    I like Sean Hannity - he's a great American - just not the bible stuff.