Monday, March 7, 2011

We Want To Hear The Man Bust One Verse Of "O.P.P." Before We Say Another Word,...

This morning Glenn Reynolds announced "The Treach Is Back" - with some rap lyrics - to which we say "not a moment too soon!" (We, too, have been huge Naughty By Nature fans from way back - they're brilliant.) Returning with that same familiar hard-hitting Pop-Hop style, Treach has got a question for everybody:
Speaking of nincompoops and Newsweek, Andrew Sullivan announced he’ll soon be bringing his tireless search for Trig Palin’s afterbirth to the Daily Beast. He’s just asking questions! Here’s a question: Why does anybody read Andrew Sullivan?
To which we also say, "We don't know, dude." Hell, we don't understand how he keeps getting hired! That clown can't even rap!

But we know you Da Man, and can get that inside scoop, so be sure and hit us back if you learn anything:

For sure, nobody's talking to us.

Wait a minute - The Daily Beast? Andrew Sullivan?

What motherfucking Treach is this?

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