Friday, March 11, 2011

Sarah Palin: It's Time To Man Up (For A Woman)

Now this is proof I should stick to my convictions, if ever there was one:

I was going to write why I thought Sarah Palin would win the next presidential election (during my post on Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson) but I thought it was too soon, and now, here comes John Phillips with why Republicans should nominate her:
If Obama loses, it almost doesn't matter who the Republicans nominate -- they will win.

So, if that's your road map for victory, why not nominate someone who will deliver exactly what you want?

When Starbucks screws up your order and gives you a coupon for a free drink, you don't go for the plain tall, non-fat extra hot latte. You splurge on the venti caramel macchiato with an extra espresso shot.  Hell, you might even make it Irish. 

When you have a free pass, you can splurge. In fact, you're crazy not to.

If Obama blows it, the GOP can splurge.

This is the Republican Party's best shot at sneaking in an actual true blue authentic conservative, who can take on all of Washington's sacred cows and then become the most vilified person in the country.

The man for that job is Sarah Palin.
See? Damn it - I blew another nyah, nyah, told you so opportunity.

Well, that's not going to happen again:

There is absolutely nothing to stand in Sarah Palin's way for the presidency, if she wants it.

Obama doesn't exist and "four more years" is not a chant the Left is going to bring with any passion.

All those formally cock-sure Republican sell-outs of four years ago, while not exactly chastened (or any wiser) are also not getting behind a candidate with the wind at his back - but in his face.

And a lot of his media buddies are going or already gone.

The Tea Party now sets the agenda. And everyone knows Sarah is the one the Left is gunning for. Along with the RINOs. So stop fooling yourselves:

It's Sarah Palin or nobody - and I mean that just the way I said it.

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  1. Sarah has stood up to corrupt Republicans, and corrupt oil companies, and anybody else in order to do her job and serve the people. She shows no fear of the Obama regime including the press. For more than two years, she has been THE target - putting herself in political harm’s way. For her, the cause has been worth it. She earns her support.

    Many politicians repeat TPM talk, and SAY they have the fortitude needed to implement right changes. Sarah Palin lives TPM talk, and SHOWS she has the fortitude needed to implement right changes.