Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Testing Journalism's Honesty (A Waste Of Time)

Well, well, well.

Next they'll request to see the JournoList during the John Edwards affair:

Big Journalism's John Nolte is throwing down the gauntlet before the media and challenging them to release, both, Katie Couric's and Charlie Gibson's interviews with Sarah Palin - in their entirety.
With their most recent undercover video investigations, independent journalists James O’Keefe and Lila Rose have set a new standard of transparency in the field of journalism — a standard I call on all media outlets — print, online, and broadcast — to adopt and to institute immediately. Within hours of releasing what the AP called “heavily edited” video footage of a high-powered NPR executive’s troubling statements with respect to the Tea Party, conservatives, and Jewish control of the media, Mr. O’Keefe then released to the public the full, unedited two-hour video of the entire conversation. Another New Media pioneer, Lila Rose, also released the full video of her undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood.

Because Mr. O’Keefe and Ms. Rose have led the way in journalistic transparency and taken the first step, as a show of good faith  from the MSM in accepting this offer, we call on Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric to release every frame of video involving their 2008 interviews with then Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin.
I don't think they'll bite.

Those interviews are the centerpieces of the "Palin is stupid" meme, and to destroy that would destroy the president's re-election prospects, not to mention the careers of two hero journalists of the Left.

As you're reading this, Gibson and Couric are probably talking about sleeping arrangements with the Wisconsin Democrats hiding out in Illinois.

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