Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Truth Is Out There - Shouldn't You Be, Too?

Let us translate this one for you - we've got a whole lot of crazy people walking around, who just won't shut up:
The UK has recently released some of its files on unidentified flying objects – UFOs. It does not appear that there is anything shocking in the reports. In the end it seems like the release will result in just another round of news headlines with “UFO” in the title, but nothing else.

The documents do provide further evidence for what I call the psychocultural hypothesis. UFO sightings and encounters are certainly an interesting group of phenomena – but are they evidence of anything alien. Many people I talk to (including a documentary producer just recently) are left with the sense that there must be something going on. No explanation seems satisfactory to explain all the accounts, and there is a residue of unexplained reports.

This is the “where there is smoke there is fire” argument. But I think it misses an important question – there may be fire (a phenomenon) but what kind of fire? I think the fire is a multifaceted psychocultural phenomenon.
Be sure and call Shirley MacLaine for her take on all this:

After being visited by aliens, competing with J.Z. Knight for followers, profoundly influencing Oprah Winfrey, and drinking her own pee, it ought to be good!

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