Saturday, September 27, 2008

J.Z. Knight's Bodyguard Says Her Ramtha School For Enlightenment Is Nothing But A Cult? I'll Bite First: What The Bleep Does He Know?

“[Glen Cunningham] said he decided to do the interview as a way to help people.

'There’s a lot of people who have approached me about their decision to get out of the [Ramtha] school,' Cunningham said. 'I tell them my stories and it helps them.'

'(Knight) is a very charismatic person,' he said. 'You want to be around her until you get to know her.'

'(But) she’s a drama queen; she likes to have drama in her life.'

...Cunningham also said that he considers RSE to be a cult.

'It’s just like any other cult,' he said. 'All the things they do now are cult activities.'

'I saw 1,200 people who would drink the Kool-Aid,' he said in the online video.

Since leaving RSE, Cunningham has kept fairly quiet on his experience.

Occasionally he warns people how it is so they 'don’t waste their money.'

'I think people have been disenchanted with things,' Cunningham said. 'There are too many dead people who came here to get cured.'

He recalls when a woman suffering from cancer arrived at the school hoping to be cured. In front of everyone, Ramtha hugged her and told her she was free of the disease.

'The whole school is a lie and she’s dead,' he said. 'I saw a lot of them that thought this was going to be their answer, but it wasn’t.'

Through all his experiences, Cunningham doesn’t hold any harsh feelings towards Knight.

He refutes claims made by Knight supporters that he hates the channeler.

“I don’t, because she’s a very brilliant woman,' Cunningham said.

'I just feel sorry for her.'

'She’s got herself in this thing to where she can’t get out. It’s the rest of her life.'”
-- Glen Cunningham, J.Z. Knight's former bodyguard, backing up everything J.Z. Knight's ex-husband said, to Megan Hansen of the Nisqually Valley News.

Yes, kids, once again, little by little, it's all starting to unravel. And this should speak volumes about Knight's chief competitor, the evil Shirley MacLaine, and everyone who helped Knight make those two stupid movies, "What The Bleep Do We Know?", and "What The Bleep Do We Know?: Down The Rabbit Hole," too. It's all a lie - especially the claim to love others.

I remember my ex-wife went to see those movies, and though she wasn't swept away by them, she still returned a changed woman, emboldened by knowing this was a mass cult phenomena, and determined to disrupt everything around her - especially me. (I had no idea what was going on, which was the whole manipulative point.) That's all this stuff is about. That's all it's ever been: pick your level and fuck with the innocents. Just as Cunningham describes here, my ex-wife, too, started compulsively listening to mind control tapes on headphones, and, eventually, became convinced she - a secretary with massive gold fillings in her teeth, and who needed glasses so badly she didn't feel comfortable driving at night - was somehow a god. As you can tell from watching this video, things tend to get very weird when someone gets into cultish thinking, but that's nothing compared to what it's like for those of us who aren't in it. I mean, I knew my wife had lost her mind, I just never had any idea how or why. Now, I'm practically an expert on these subjects, but then? I knew nothing except I wasn't into it.

Anyway, we're divorced now - and my life has finally been disrupted beyond my wildest dreams. In that, they have (all) been successful. They've "changed the vibration of the planet" - so I'm a conservative now, determined to rock their world. I hope they're happy.

Goodness knows, I am.


  1. Cool, calm and enlightening.

  2. Yea, his delivery, but the story he tells is anything but: men walking around with automatic weapons, people being directed to run into each other until their noses bleed, and sleeping in horse shit. (One elderly woman died from her treatment in Knight's compound, according to Knight's bodyguard.)

    None of it sounds "spiritual" at all. It's just one big con job.

  3. Wow I'm not into any cults but reading what you have said you just sound like a bitter and hurt men , hurt people are the ones who hurt people . Everyone is on there own path and choose there own experience to find them selves , so don't wast your own precious lives worrying . Let go of your bad experience of this and live your life now not live every day in the past kind regards rachelle :-)

  4. Not only can't you write properly but you're stupid.

    Just for clarity:

    Fuck you.

    And thanks for writing!

  5. Fascinating!!! I hope Jane Roberts & Seth were a more genuine collaboration.

  6. your story is sadly not a only one. jz promotes leaving the past and with this childrens and spouses. good for everybody to speak up against rse.

  7. Many of JZ Knights material is "word for word" from Jane Roberts books.

  8. WTF?

  9. WTF?

  10. Well, this is such a laugh!

    What cult? What is the hardship in leaving the School? The Schools makes it easy for everyone to leave it, when they damn well, feel like. Nobody is holding them! The students go in and out the door, exposed to the "outside" world and all its influence, the tv, Internet, radio, newspapers, and kinds of opinion changes....there is NO kool-aid.

    Every "workshop" done,
    Ramtha points to the EXIT signs, for anyone to leave when they want to. NOBODY is holding people down, in chains.
    As to spending their money, as mature adults, that is THEIR privilege, isn't it? What is this person, and this "Ex-body" guard and YOU, to come forward to "protect" people? It is their HARD_EARNED money to be spent the way they want to?

    Some spend money on spas, some of cruises, some going to Europe, some spend it on gold, some on what I consider worthless diamonds (how rare are they when every small town has jew-elry shops selling them?), so what's the problem?


  11. cont'd

    Every "workshop" done,
    Ramtha points to the EXIT signs, for anyone to leave when they want to. NOBODY is holding people down, in chains.

    The employees of the School, are free, mature adults that desire to work there. As to the students, and spending their money, as mature adults, that is THEIR privilege, isn't it? If they want to waste their money and time, that's their right, isn't it?

    What is this person, and this "Ex-body" guard and YOU, to come forward to "protect" people? It is their HARD_EARNED money to be spent the way they want to?

    There are no drugs or sexual orgies in the School. Human or animal sacrifices there, and no harm to any individual.

    And the School has been open for over 30 years, so there were anything strange, indecent, illegal happening there. there would have been an open, international SCANDAL a long time ago, and the School would have been closed.

    Some spend money on spas, some of cruises, some going to Europe, some spend it on gold, some on what I consider worthless diamonds (how rare are they when every small town has jew-elry shops selling them?), so what's the problem?


  12. cont'd

    The REAL Mind-Control IS the Cult of the TELEVISION, the CELL PHONE where everyone has it attached to the ear and CANNOT live without it...driving .....walking across the the bus.

    The REAL Mind Control is the IPOD and texting and TWEETER.

    The REAL Mind Control is watching American cannot do without it...because no matter what is going on you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT do without it.

    NOT to mention religions....judeo-christianity'll CANNOT stop yourselves from reporting to your "god" every week.

    The REAL cult is that which is being imposed on children in the Educational System.

    The REAL CULT is the U.S. Voting System, which is documented to be fraud, not only the voting machines but the Politicians, but the Masses continue to adhere to, mind-lessly. Not to mention the ridiculous Presidential Debates - which are frauds...the Masses mindlessly, follow them.

    Those are the REAL CULTS!

    So, as to the Ramtha School, it really isn't anybody's business, is it? No student interferes with anybody else, or harms anybody.
    Everybody there works in the outside world, is a decent citizen,
    -abides by the laws of the U.S. and
    -pays their taxes,
    -buys with U.S$,
    -does NOT use drugs,
    -does NOT steal
    - are NOT pedophiles - unlike religions, be they Mormons, priests, rabbis, moslems, etc.
    - the School does NOT promote war, unlike the U.S. Cult of War...which invades, attacks and genocides EVERY other country which DARES to say "boo" to the U.S. ...and the average American accepts the War Status...this is a REAL Cult.

    - Every time the U.S. Fed. Inspector wants to inspect the School, they are welcomed and shown EVERYTHING. NOTHING is hidden.

    As to JZ being a Sociophath.... that means a person that does have much to do with Society, for whatever reason.

    Now that is a personal decision. What is the problem? Miss Knight as the Head of the School is a hard-working U.S. Citizen, and pays her employees quite well, along with the benefits, and other job benefits. She's got NO police records, and pays her taxes.

    What's the problems?

    She doesn't mingle with the rest of Society much? SO?!

    Rather than accepting the opinion of this "ex-body-guard" without question, a person that is so OBVIOUSLY biased, and yes, you are swallowing it, hook, line and sinker, rather than accepting his word, you, anyone of you should go DIRECT to the person, JZ Knight, and interview her.

    Why did the "ex-body" guard no longer int he School? What is the REAL reason? What happened? The REAL story here. When a person leaves a business company, and applies with another company, the 2nd Company ALWAYS calls up the 1st company to ask why the Applicant left the job. To get the REAL dope.

    Should you do this, in the case of this "ex-body-guard?"

    Another thing, is that the "ex-boy guard states that he's got part of his tale from Miss Knight's former husband. Well, "ex-partners" usually leave a marriage disgruntled and bitter...for a myriad of reasons, and will speak against their "ex."

    So, should you take the views of these people, with a "grain of salt? "

    Miss Knight has shown herself to be a fair person and a lady, should in all justice, give her a chance to speak for herself.... then make up your own minds.

    This should be done rather than insult Miss Knight and call her School, a cult.

    Free Thinker

  13. Well said and enlightening, Anonymous. Thanks for balancing out the story.

  14. To each his own belief. We are what we believe and if this is what they (those people) need in order for their reality to work for them, then so be it. It is not our place to judge theirs. Just like anything else, take what you need and leave the rest. I, too, believe that I am an emanation of God.(Creator, Source, All That Is). All the power and light of the Universe exist within me. I am that part of God that lives my life so that God may learn and grow and evolve.

  15. Yeah, when I was a teenager, my mother was into "what the bleep do we know". After that, I dont know how many thousands of dollars worth of books she bought.

  16. Hilarious that cultist show up here and get so mad about what you wrote that they prove you correct in their comments!

  17. Almost without exception, EVERY SINGLE LEADING EDGE THINKER [and by that I mean TRULY dynamic and innovative -- generations ahead of his or her time] has been persecuted, denied, ignored, crucified, etc. Countless times. Think of them all, go back through history, and you will see.

    I challenge any one to give me a very strong example where this has not been the case. It took us 200 years to accept that the Earth was round after the discovery and announcement had been made that it was not flat! 200 years! Before we could finally accept that new truth. We insisted on clutching to our old paradigm, our old beliefs.

    Let's be honest. Is JZ Knight some sort of Messiah? No! Is she a perfect human being? No! Does she, like most of us, likely have her own inner demons and challenges to work out? Of course! Are these teachings going to resonate and integrate for every single person? No! Even Jesus/Yeshua, whose teachings are *supposedly* the basis of the American way of life, whose teachings are *supposedly* worshiped or accepted by the lion's share of Americans today, had only a few devoted students. And the people of his day, what did they do? Exactly what people of today do to JZ Knight and the Ramtha teachings. Crucify. But in the long run, who will be vindicated? What will the future say of all this?

    It is so hyper-hypocritical to watch as people want to demonize these teachings and to kill the messenger. Forget about JZ Knight for a moment -- she is just a woman, a messenger. But look at the actual teachings, the actual principles being expressed. They are timeless and in perfect accord with all the greatest wisdom traditions of the human race. Indeed, Ramtha's School is accused of being a cult, and yet, every single religion is a cult. Go and look up the definition of that term.

    So, a few people bonked heads. My gosh! A scandal! So, a few people couldn't believe deeply enough these teachings to heal themselves -- so they are the victims of this teaching? But wait a minute -- how did they get cancer in the first place, or HIV? "I saw so many who came here to be cured, and now they are DEAD!" My goodness, the Ramtha School must have killed them!? People! Wake up! This victim mindset is what kills you, and nothing else! Take responsibility for yourself ! Think for yourself!

    What I see here with these "former students" coming out with criticism and claims of "brainwashing" etc., is nothing more than the wounded ego that couldn't integrate the teaching. It is like an athlete coming out and saying that "my coach failed to turn me into an Olympian."

    But wait a minute, aren't you responsible for training yourself? Isn't it you who has to perform and not your coach? The teacher can only point to the door -- you have to walk through it. So you come out later and say, "I smashed my face into the door. It's all the teacher's fault!"

    Such faulty perception on display here! Such weakness, in my view. It is truly a lack of enough strength to pull your pants up and take responsibility for the fact that it is all about YOU!

    I absolutely agree. The real CULT here is the social programming people are walking around in, believing in the supposed superiority of their intellect to dissect and "expose" this mysterious teacher Ramtha. How laughable! It is just the ego find a way to justify itself. The real CULT is the brainwashing that humanity has endured for thousands of years!

    Oh my -- so Ramtha mentions reptiles. And people shock and revile, and whisper, "He talks about lizards." Scornfully they say this. Yet have they studied history? Are they doing anything but judging one single remark from the extremely limited view of their own limited consciousness which has been programmed to filter out any possibilities beyond their mind Matrix?

  18. Yet, why is it that reptilian humanoids have actually been historically depicted in many ancient cultures? I suppose they were just carving people with lizard heads for the fun of it? And why is that the Sumerian records tell us of the Annunaki? I suppose those scribes took painstaking YEARS to chisel cuneiform text into clay, telling of these "gods," just for fun?

    Come now.

    I tell you this: Even Jesus Christ returned here to this place, today, the MAJORITY of "Christians" would crucify him again!

    Because what he would teach would be precisely what Ramtha teaches. That YOU are God. What is so controversial about this?

    Quantum physics is proving this to us as we speak. There is nothing strange, weird, or cultish about this teaching. It is simple and powerful.

    If you have the guts to prove it in your own life, you will see it for yourself.

  19. Anyone who claims to understand quantum doesn't understand quantum.

    - Richard Feyneman, the man who discovered quantum

    Paramatman, you're a nut, and you need to come to terms with that. JZ Knight is a charlatan, and a pretty cruel one at that. If you don't see it, it figures - you're a nut.

    And you need to come to terms to that.

  20. well mate, you re god as rse teaches, than creat sth. i don t even ask for sth big, just manifest the cork of a wine bottle or a bug, anything. you and nobody in rse will or can do so because you are, we are, all a part of god but not god(s).
    the teachings are mostly good but lead into a dead end, you will end up restrained in developping yourself as you won t accept other spiritual wisdom than the stuff rse feeds you. all i saw are copied wisdom tainted and distorted so it fits the story. sorry, rse can be s good start on your journey but you should know when to take your exit to follow your road. cheers, mike

  21. I was involved with the Ramtha cult and I have to say they seriously screwed up my life. I was very brain washed. Ramtha is not a loving being he's a negative Reptilian channeling through JZs body. I have been physically away from these people for 9 years and they haunt me telepathically. I am serious! they haunt me telepathically. I receive psychic attacks from JZ and Mike Wright telepathically almost every day. I am not kidding. It's very very painful.And very distracting. It's hard to work now. I'm not crazy. I know what I'm experiencing is coming from them. I warn anyone who is curious about the school to stay the F--- away from them. Also Ramtha is not a loving being. The first way to tell if a teacher is a truly enlightened teacher is if they are a truly loving compassionate being. Ramtha attacks his students really badly and chastises them in front of a crowd of other students if they don't do there disciplines enough. He has this really evil look on his face too. Also another mark of a bad teacher is if they are fear based. He is definitely fear based. He teaches that the world is going to end and that the only people that will survive are his students that can afford underground bunkers. I looked into the cost of the kind of underground bunker you would need and they're $200,000 at least. Who can afford that on top of a normal house too because you don't go to live in the UG until the end is near. I woke up every morning almost shaking with fear I was going to die if I didn't build my under ground bunker in Yelm that I couldn't afford. Stay away from these people they attack telepathically it's very painful and you can't get away from them even years after you have so called -left- the ranch.

    1. i would like her to die

  22. ramtha is cia agent of fascist nwo.talks global warming and the timbre of her voice reveals cheap and bad psychic quality.

  23. I was just hoping to follow up with the last anonymous poster to ask a few more questions. didn't want to have a public Q&A on this site. Hey anon with the view that CIA is using JZK... let's compare notes. If I hear back from you on this thread and you are serious about your comment and willing to discuss it further, email me. thanks
    (and thanks to Crack Emcee - just found your page and like it!)

  24. Lol the JZ knight cult shills are hilarious when visiting this site, and this one guy trying to equate her being called out on her BS to the persecution that jesus and other people who actually made a difference made... lets me think... Einstein and Newton are top two leading thinkers I can think up, neither was prosecuted, cuz neither tried to get money out of ppl by scamming them... nice try cult shill but plz don't pretend that being an obvious greedy cult leader is the same as being a genuine spiritual master, just cuz some spiritual masters were persecuted in the past... I have never heard anyone with enough IQ points to have an intelligent opinion actually offer up anything positive about JZ knight... ever

  25. Paramatman, LOL WOW... first off... the 200 years to accept the world being round... Good example... for the opposite side of the argument you present... the scientists all accepted that the earth is round, the only idiots that didn't were the ones who continued to listen to religious EGOMANIACS like JZ Knight who were in the catholic church, and would rather keep giving people the wrong information to protect their ego than admit they are wrong... I like how you bring up that reptiles exist in ancient art in humanoid shapes... but you totally forgot that all the dogmen from egypt totally raped the lizard women and thereby humans were born! lol acting like someone totally unaware that there is TONS of anthropomorphic art with every animal head on top of a human body... maybe next you will jump up and say that if god is real gravity will continue to function... cuz that is the level of proof ur bringing to the table by saying "we found pictures of lizard ppl that are real old! the only reason anyone would draw something is if its real right?!" ... also Jesus replied, "It is written in your own Scriptures that God said to certain leaders of the people, 'I say, you are gods!'" -john 10:34... yes a bunch of idiots mistranslated to "yall are gods!" no only leaders of men were mention as gods, and ONLY CERTAIN LEADERS not JUST LEADERS... but hey I get it, people mistranslated the bible in every which way to promote their own bullshit philosophy... perhaps if her philosophy was so able to stand on its own, you wouldn't need to bend words from the bible to give her a foot to stand on... she is the same sort of scum as the christian scientist doctors who tell people not to take antibiotics and that god works in mysterious ways when your family member dies from a basic infection from a stubbed toe. She looks people in the eye, and thinks she is giving them hope by saying "ur cured" when in reality she is just destroying their chances of finding real cures instead of her hypnosis BS. At best all she is, is a life coach hypnotist... at worst... she just reads a lot, and americans are in fact exceptional... exceptionally stupid... most of my friends won't pick up a book even if you beg them... with that sort of sad state of culture in america, no wonder anyone with half a brain like JZ can baboozle the bunch of ya

  26. Waiting for the the rest of Ramtha's army to break through and speak to people. This singular thing is mighty suspect.


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