Saturday, September 27, 2008

J.Z. Knight's Bodyguard Says Her Ramtha School For Enlightenment Is Nothing But A Cult? I'll Bite First: What The Bleep Does He Know?

“[Glen Cunningham] said he decided to do the interview as a way to help people.

'There’s a lot of people who have approached me about their decision to get out of the [Ramtha] school,' Cunningham said. 'I tell them my stories and it helps them.'

'(Knight) is a very charismatic person,' he said. 'You want to be around her until you get to know her.'

'(But) she’s a drama queen; she likes to have drama in her life.'

...Cunningham also said that he considers RSE to be a cult.

'It’s just like any other cult,' he said. 'All the things they do now are cult activities.'

'I saw 1,200 people who would drink the Kool-Aid,' he said in the online video.

Since leaving RSE, Cunningham has kept fairly quiet on his experience.

Occasionally he warns people how it is so they 'don’t waste their money.'

'I think people have been disenchanted with things,' Cunningham said. 'There are too many dead people who came here to get cured.'

He recalls when a woman suffering from cancer arrived at the school hoping to be cured. In front of everyone, Ramtha hugged her and told her she was free of the disease.

'The whole school is a lie and she’s dead,' he said. 'I saw a lot of them that thought this was going to be their answer, but it wasn’t.'

Through all his experiences, Cunningham doesn’t hold any harsh feelings towards Knight.

He refutes claims made by Knight supporters that he hates the channeler.

“I don’t, because she’s a very brilliant woman,' Cunningham said.

'I just feel sorry for her.'

'She’s got herself in this thing to where she can’t get out. It’s the rest of her life.'”
-- Glen Cunningham, J.Z. Knight's former bodyguard, backing up everything J.Z. Knight's ex-husband said, to Megan Hansen of the Nisqually Valley News.

Yes, kids, once again, little by little, it's all starting to unravel. And this should speak volumes about Knight's chief competitor, the evil Shirley MacLaine, and everyone who helped Knight make those two stupid movies, "What The Bleep Do We Know?", and "What The Bleep Do We Know?: Down The Rabbit Hole," too. It's all a lie - especially the claim to love others.

I remember my ex-wife went to see those movies, and though she wasn't swept away by them, she still returned a changed woman, emboldened by knowing this was a mass cult phenomena, and determined to disrupt everything around her - especially me. (I had no idea what was going on, which was the whole manipulative point.) That's all this stuff is about. That's all it's ever been: pick your level and fuck with the innocents. Just as Cunningham describes here, my ex-wife, too, started compulsively listening to mind control tapes on headphones, and, eventually, became convinced she - a secretary with massive gold fillings in her teeth, and who needed glasses so badly she didn't feel comfortable driving at night - was somehow a god. As you can tell from watching this video, things tend to get very weird when someone gets into cultish thinking, but that's nothing compared to what it's like for those of us who aren't in it. I mean, I knew my wife had lost her mind, I just never had any idea how or why. Now, I'm practically an expert on these subjects, but then? I knew nothing except I wasn't into it.

Anyway, we're divorced now - and my life has finally been disrupted beyond my wildest dreams. In that, they have (all) been successful. They've "changed the vibration of the planet" - so I'm a conservative now, determined to rock their world. I hope they're happy.

Goodness knows, I am.