Monday, September 29, 2008

This Ain't No Blaze Of Glory

"The party should be over for the Democrats who brought us to this pass. If Obama wins, it means hiring an arsonist to fight a fire.”
-- Mona Charen, on the grotesque confluence of deceptive forces determined to burn America alive - and all while blaming the Republicans - and ignoring Real Clear Politics.

Let's be clear here: the Democrats have the majority - they had the votes, without the Republicans, to pass the bailout bill - the Republicans don't owe those assholes "cover" for the disaster the Democrats created. This whole thing of blaming the Republicans is bullshit.

Throw the Democrats responsible in jail and you might get a different response but, under these circumstances, with Nancy Pelosi talking shit, the Republican Party owes them nothing. You want to pass this bill for the good of the country? Fine. Bring some honesty to the process:

Fuck why they did it - start throwing some Democrats in jail for squandering/losing/stealing our $700 billion.

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