Sunday, September 21, 2008

Joe's Garage: Art's Solipsistic Sanctuary

"The ideas,...form the crux of the ribald cultural satire in Joe's Garage, which will have its world premiere on September 26 at the Open Fist Theater. The play opens with an Orwellian 'Central Scrutinizer,' a large robotic puppet who speaks through a megaphone and whose job is to enforce laws 'that haven't yet been passed.' A local policeman counsels Joe to drop his music and engage in more church activities, but Joe's sweet Catholic girlfriend, named Mary (of course), abandons him for a backstage pass to see another band. After following that band on tour and after being used as a sex toy by the band's roadies, the exhausted Mary is dumped in Miami, where she enters a wet-T-shirt contest to raise enough money to get home.

When Joe learns of her plight, he goes into a funk of depression, contracts venereal disease, and seeks religion — at the door of L. Ron Hoover and his
First Church of Appliantology — to pull him back up. Membership in the church costs Joe his life's savings, and he is ordered 'into the closet' in order to find salvation by having sex with home appliances — so much more safe and titillating than with human beings. There's a three-way orgy between Joe, an appliance named Sy Borg and a 'modified Gay Bob Doll'; Joe accidentally destroys Sy Borg's circuitry during a golden shower episode and is imprisoned for being unable to pay for Sy's repair. In prison, Joe is gang-raped by record executives and other riffraff. He eventually emerges into a new world, where music has been banned, but he does land a good job in a muffin factory."

-- Steven Leigh Morris, explaining the eerily life-like plot of the latest project by the late Frank Zappa (above) to be produced, in the L.A. Weekly.

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