Sunday, September 28, 2008

With The Hands Of The Left All Over It

"CHINA'S NEW slave empire in Africa? 'We have come a long way from Cecil Rhodes to Bob Geldof, but we still have not brought much happiness with us, and even Nelson Mandela's vaunted 'Rainbow Nation' in South Africa is careering rapidly towards banana republic status. Now a new great power, China, is scrambling for wealth, power and influence in this sad continent, without a single illusion or pretence.'"
-- Peter Hitchens, probably wondering if there might be another way, by way of the Instapundit.

The Left is remarkable. Always claiming they know better while everything they touch goes to hell. Whether it's America's foreign policy, or even Africa, if the Left is involved it's just a recipe for disaster. They're really just a disruptive force, standing in the way of progress while calling themselves "progressives", slapping the hands of everyone else away, and braying about anyone who doesn't go along. It's just pitiful.

That's all I've really got to say about this story: it's just too damn depressing.

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