Thursday, December 9, 2010

Giving WikiLame WikiLeaks Some WikiLashings

It seems the WikiLeaks Army AKA Julianne Assange's NewAge Nazis have blitzkrieged the world because - get this - the world would like some privacy. Silly world. Oh well, we beat the Nazi's once, and, we guess, we'll have to beat 'em again. But this time, when we finally put 'em down, let's put 'em down for good.

You know, like dogs.

Plus a P.S. that should be unnecessary, but since people are, apparently, stupid:

We put that video up there because we think it's funny - funny as in crazy - not because we "believe" anything in it. If you visit this site often and couldn't figure that out, please, don't bother visiting again. You're too dumb to be here. You're probably to dumb to vote. Whether you're too dumb to live is still an open question.

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