Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nix What's In Your Wallet? What's In Your Brain?

Australia's Sydney Morning Herald had a pretty good article about a woman named Carli McConkey and "how the unwary fall victim to mind control" (and isn't it strange we don't see more articles like that in America, where the phenomena is most prevalent?) We thought it was worth mentioning.

After 40 plus years of cult indoctrination, themes of NewAge mind control exist throughout Western culture already, so we're going to look at the McConkey story the Sydney Morning Herald presents and see how many of our regular themes are in this one lady's life story, and also how they form a matrix that's almost impossible for anyone to escape without critical thought. (Anybody else notice how NewAgers multi-task, with chiropractors promoting homeopathy and the like? That's an especially easy tactic.)

"Prison walls and chains are not necessary when one believes these things,'' says Clinical Professor Doni Whitsett of the University of Southern California, who has been working with cultists and their families for 20 years. "Carli's is 'a tragic textbook case', she says" and here's what was in Carli's textbook - and may also already be in yours:

The NewAge doomsday prophesy of Armageddon in 2012. (Read the book, seen the movie, right? Why?)

"New Age personal development" groups. (Thanks, Oprah!)

The concept of "Mind Body Spirit". (Brought to you by a nearby hospital or "wellness center")

Psychic readings. (There's one of these frauds found on almost every street corner,...)

"Metaphysical" beliefs and seeing Metaphysical ''signs''. (If you're seeing any of these, what you need is psychiatric help.)

Keep an open mind, or ''leave your logic at the door'', to avoid ''judgmentalism". (This is merely telling you not to think as they either pick your pocket or otherwise try to take something you've got - like your soul.)

Cleansing impurities. (Your liver does that already.)

''Intuition''. ("Guessing".)

Being told one can ''manifest'' (or make) things happen in the real world using your mind. (AKA The Secret scam and Transcendental Meditation.)

Encountering the "bait and switch" cult technique of saying the first course will fix everything, only to be informed that to become fully ''integrated'', there were no fewer than 17 other courses, all at considerable expense, to do. (Scientology.)

Hanging out on dating websites. (This is just a bad idea all around - can't you walk outside and talk to people?)

Communes. (Communism.)

Women wearing headscarfs to signify subservience. (Or anything other than it's cold.)

Attending "workshops". (Or "seminars", or "retreats" - they're always offering a fucking "retreat".)

Public nakedness. (We know, We know, but still - we don't know these people.)

Vegan diets. (Once they control what you eat, they can control your mind, and a diet with no meat means you're less likely to fight back.)

An apparently random reward-punishment system. (You know, like Obama tries to do.)

Reincarnation. (This is just stupid to believe in.)

The Intergalactic Council of the Universe. (This is even stupider.)

The city of Atlantis. (We're really dumbing down now.)

''Spirit guides". (Pain works better.)

Cult leaders pretending to have god-like powers. (Adults "pretending" at all.)

Feminism. (Female guards at concentration camps.)

Any outsider claiming to have a symbiotic relationship with someone already in a marriage is probably a cultist.
(Why would anyone want to insert themselves into another's marriage anyway? Don't they already have a life?)
Don't be a sucker - none of these things are important to anyone's life or well-being:

Just don't go there - or get away from them now - because they're only propagated by the ugliest of people. If you don't believe us, look at Louise Hay above - gross!

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