Sunday, December 12, 2010

Maybe They Should Get Together And Like, You Know, "Do It" (Hee-Hee) On A Bed Of Money

We just saw this over at the Instapundit:
ANN ALTHOUSE: A Columbia professor is arrested for incest — but isn’t there a constitutional right to incest between consenting adults?

Also, why are they only charging the man in what’s said to have been a consensual relationship between adults? Isn’t that an equal protection violation? Where’s the civil rights community on this?
Yep, just as Glenn Reynolds needs to start our day pushing his fetishes for materialism and sex, (Gee, Glenn, no articles by Frisky hookers yet? What's the matter, slow news day?) leave it to Feminist Annie's magnificent mind to leap into considerations of whether a man can sleep with his daughter and get away with it, while totally oblivious to the unfairness of that man being busted while the adult woman walks free for the same crime.

As lawyers go, these two are both great examples for us all.

As influential figures, well, we don't always know what to think.

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