Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh My: Curtis Got Slapped By A White Teacher!!!

Folks, we here at TMR try our best to bring you only the upper echelon in insanity, but - honestly - we know that, despite all the talk of cults and such, most of what we find can tend to be rather mundane:

The poor soul who kills their kid because they don't understand the basics of science, or the "psychic" who got a few grand from perpetrating a fraud on whoever is gullible enough to believe they have "powers" - that kind of thing.

But then, occasionally, we get lucky. We hit the motherload. We find someone living with an arrogant level of crazy that's so off-the-charts that, even if no one got killed or injured, we're still left shaking our heads in amazement at how wide the disconnect can be between a thinking, feeling, seemingly aware individual who's been able to grow, into what most of us think of as maturity, without touching the reality of the big wide world around them. And we're used to this stuff!

Let us introduce you to Curtis Bowen© above. Curtis is the only child of Lisa Henry Bowen© who has a message for you:
My Wonderful Black Son Was Slapped By A White Teacher
Got that? Good. You have just taken the first step down the rabbit hole. You see, Lisa Henry Bowen© is insane, but not just any kind of insane - she's got her own take on it, and her particular brand now has people, from one end of America to the other, collectively dropping their heads into their hands and involuntarily moaning aloud, "Oh, poor Curtis©!"

No, we're not going to try to describe it. We're giving you the link and we think that's enough. Just know that you're about to engage with racism, conspiracy theories, extortion, NewAge beliefs - including homeopathy - and yes, much, much, more! Lawyers take heart:

This one's got your name written all over it!

We wish we could be with you right now, just to see your faces, because we like to be entertained. Go on. It won't hurt you, though we dare say you are risking a few gray hairs, and uncontrollable fits of alternating laughter and pity, for days on end. Madness is a terrible, terrible thing. But, somehow, not this kind:

This kind is a wonder to behold - enjoy.


If you read through the comments, you will find some absolutely wonderful and bizarre connections to, both, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Truly, it doesn't get any better than this.