Sunday, December 5, 2010

Little Doggies Wagging Their Tails Eating Grass

We guess it makes sense after all, with people being animals.

Whether they want to admit it or not, they move in packs, their eyes scanning one another for the slightest twitch, so they know whether to move to the left or the right, like birds in flight or antelope on the run.

We've become uniquely attuned to that, how few actually think for themselves; repeating what they hear as if it's their own thoughts, and the myriad of cultish ways of thinking - so many we're accused of making everything a cult so, conveniently, nothing is and they can go on doing as they were without worry - when the truth is (cultish thinkers that they are) their cult training makes them incapable of focusing on what we leave out.

Sarah Palin hangs out (or hung out) with Scientologists, and went to a goofy church, but we've never accused her of being a cultist, and have given her our full support. No one's ever noticed the nuance. They focus instead on trying to convince us that she (and, of course, George Bush) is a cultist, and our support for her is misplaced, like the very people who banded together to put Oprah's candidate in the White House would know.

Cultish thinking leads to that kind of incredible blindness, especially to the signs of what can take one there, and since - with so many cults - the overlap is crazy, there are many people trapped in two or three.

The mind reels.

There's nothing "normal" about leaving your green job in an electric car, that passes billboards saying to "save the planet," as environmentalist public service announcements repeatedly play on the radio, until you get home to a vegetarian dinner served on recyclable materials you'll dispose of in individual trash bins before getting the latest news on TV (from a like-minded newsreader) about which businesses and politicians are assisting you and your friends in the effort to condemn anyone who isn't following suit.

Totalitarian fascism is the norm, or soon will be, and hardly anyone is doing anything to stop it.

And - especially in America - that's a crying shame.

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