Monday, December 13, 2010

They Walk Among You & You Don't Say A Thing

See, first the idiots go looking for the word of God, which is always a mistake because that's always going to lead to idiots RECEIVING the word of God (God rarely ever shuts up to idiots) and God's message almost always includes the usual earthly bullshit - a goddess, changing your diet, sex, and (like episodes of Oprah where she talks about "poop") an unusual interest having to do with the asshole - all covered with a nice shiny celestial gloss. Here's Shirl Mitchell's:
Shirl teaches that human beings collectively constitute the body of an infant deity, just as cells constitute our own bodies. The infant deity—the offspring of the sun, who is a goddess, and a male companion star—has been gestating over the last several million years of human evolution and is now ready to be born. This birth will occasion a radical transformation in society. In the new age following the birth of the infant deity, people will follow an all-natural vegetarian diet. Children will engage in erotic play without repression; teenagers will freely copulate for the purpose of procreation; and adults, having sexually satiated themselves during childhood and adolescence, will live in celibate ecstasy. ... Shirl writes of the “addictive voyeurism” that had him fondling young girls as a child and peeping into women’s windows as an adult. He complains that every woman is a manipulative nymphomaniac whom no husband could possible satisfy; he fears that his penis could be “strangled” during sex; he is fascinated by a recurring dream in which a shaft of light penetrates his anal chakra. Accused by his former wife of rape, Shirl defends himself by insisting that when rape occurs in marriage, it’s because wives withhold sex from their husbands and that there can be no “illegal rape” in a marriage anyway.
So who's Shirl Mitchell? He's the father of Brian David Mitchell, pictured above. Like Shirl, Brian had a head full of celestial nonsense, too - plus a much more willing wife to work as his "spiritual" accomplice - so:
On June 5, 2002, they abducted their first virgin, Elizabeth Smart, and took her, on foot, up into the hills above her home in Federal Heights, where they had a camp in some scrub oak. There, that first night, Mitchell performed a sacred wedding ceremony, and then he raped her.
Brilliant, right? No, it's completely idiotic and sick.

But not nearly as idiotic and sick as an entire fucking society allowing anyone to accept such nonsense - to the point of kidnapping and raping a little girl - all because their stupid NewAge culture can't stomach educating the public to use critical thinking skills, instead of relying on "spiritual" beliefs.

We can do better - but, for now, you all ought to be ashamed.

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