Monday, December 13, 2010

Lot Of 'Clinton Kool-Aid Drinkers' In The Media!

Some of you will keep pretending we're crazy, or putting this language in people's mouths - like when the "Obama Cult" talk started - but no, the repeated phrases that indicate a Democratic Party inthralled with cultish thinking keeps popping up in the mouths of others, and we've merely made it our job to catch it when it appears. Of course, it affirms the very point of this blog, so we'll leave it up to you to determine if everyone who brings it up is crazy - like when James Taranto just called Obama supporters "delusional". What say you? Is it us or is it him? Or maybe Bill Whittle? (Those are two men lauded for their sanity, intelligence, and clear-eyed view of things, no?) Or maybe the crazies are anyone else who sees it in passing but loses the thread whenever the next news cycle comes around? Yea, yea - we know:

Anyone who grasps an understanding of the NewAge culture that keeps producing our Charlie Manson's, David Koresh's, Marshall Applewhite's, and others is nuts - because you say so.

Yes, the rest of you are totally aware of the situation - though you never stop it until somebody gets hurt, or killed, and sometimes not even then - because that's the way you like it.

It's your sure sign of a healthy society.

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