Sunday, December 12, 2010

What's Next: The Daily Kos Returns To Astrology

The environmentalist fraud is getting wild - The Wall Street Journal is even calling it (appropriately) "The Cancun Crack-Up":

How appropriate that the U.N.'s latest climate summit in the Mexican resort of Cancun should have begun last week with the invocation of an ancient jaguar goddess. When it comes to global warming, there's always been more than a touch of the old-time religion. Unfortunately for the climateers, the rest of the Maya pantheon doesn't seem to be cooperating.
Needless to say, our previous pronouncements on the subject couldn't be more on-point if we tried. Invoking "the goddess" before a climate meeting was just icing on cultism's cake for us - there's never been any "science" involved in this - it was just NewAge garbage, from start to finish.

And, thank goodness, they're pretty much finished for good now.


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