Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week With The Dems: Chicken Crap & Charlie

We started the week with a Republican screaming, "This is why the American people threw you out!" and now we end it with these two tragic statements on the Democrats' behavior and soon-to-be legacy. One, above, where John Boehner has to restrain himself in the face of the Democrat's silly, petty, and useless posturing, and then the one below, where the Dems expose their lack of values by, first, censuring Charlie Rangel for ripping the rest of us off, and then applauds him for not going to jail like the rest of us would, if we were ever caught in his very expensive italian shoes.

It's a sad spectacle all the way around.

We have nothing really to add to this, except get 'em out - get 'em out now, get 'em out of power as soon as it's humanly fucking possible and not a second later:

They've already done too much damage and stunk up the joint enough.

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