Friday, December 3, 2010

Get Smart: A Belief Works Without It Being Seen

So what's today's all-important lesson?

Today's lesson is the same as yesterday's:

We're stupid.

But not just any kind of stupid but major fucking stupid - as a people - and if we don't recognize it, we're doomed.

How's that for a happy go lucky message to start your day?

Fuck you.

Look, we told you, and told you, and told you, but your punk asses don't listen (make a note: not listening? That's what we call a major flaw in your make-up. You need to work on that, pronto.) so you're repeating the same mistakes in different ways and thinking you're making "change" when you've got your representative of that change in the White House and can see how it's going.

What's wrong with you?

Above is that video we posted a few days ago. (Yes, we want you to watch it again, but this time ignoring the George W. Bush parts because, as we told you, the bitch is a socialist and was/is wrong about her political views, as history has already shown us.)

Today we want you to pay attention to the parts where she says, over the last decade, the decade when Baby Boomers were in charge - the biggest, most dominant generation in history - if you gave them accurate information, you were marginalized, and, if you told the truth, you got fired.

That's what's important to us now.

Recognizing how much damage a huge gang of jerks (and that's what Boomers are) could insist on doing to good, intelligent people's lives, and then trying to not repeat the Boomer's mistake.

What's the mistake? You idiot, are you new around here?

The mistake was believing NewAgers!

The only reason why no one is listening to the truth is because they built a bullshit culture convinced they can change shit with their minds.

It's that whole, stupid, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi nonsense, writ large, and by now everybody ought to know better than to believe it, but they don't!

Like how many friends do you have who meditate and/or do yoga?

Wait - let us rephrase that - how many idiots do you know who pay to have their lives wasted and insist on trying to convince others to do the same - while regularly railing about evangelical Christians for basically the same behavior and beliefs?

You fucking saps.

Like those before you, you're fucking pathetic in how short-sighted you've allowed yourselves to become, unable to see anything beyond your own eyes.

But why are we surprised?

You're the kids of Boomers.

But, still, you've got to stop all of this.

You've got to get out of the lotus position, roll up the yoga mats, and then help your neighbor to do the same.

The two of you can empty out the medicine cabinets of all your "alternative" medicines, and then, go to the pharmacy and buy some real ones that work.

Throw out, or turn off, anything that reeks of Oprah Winfrey (which includes the spinoffs by Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz or that sunny bitch with the cooking show) Tony Robbins, Andrew Weil, Kevin Trudeau, Shirley MacLaine, Jane Fonda, or even the younger outliers like Jenny McCarthy, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Lady GaGa - anybody that never got off, or seemed to have been born on, the Magical Mystery Tour bus - just abandon them all.


That means NOW.

Remember "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out"?

This is the same exact thing, except you're tuning back onto reality, and dropping out of the stupid matrix these rich fucks have constructed for you to live in.

Don't think so? Well then, answer us this:

Other than dying, how easy is it to avoid Oprah Winfrey?

That bitch follows you everywhere.

She's in the supermarket checkout lines.

She's on TV.

When she's not on TV one of her chosen minions is on you - and the entire culture encourages it!

Why is that so much better to watch and believe in than this:

See the bitch with the hammer?
That's TMR - and it should be you, too.

Smash the NewAge in it's every manifestation and we might have a chance to regain our footing.

Ignore this message and we're going to keep sliding off a cliff of our own design.

Our enemies are watching, both foreign and domestic, and the domestic ones are all NewAgers.

They told you to vote for Barack Obama.

What you get in return, for listening to them, really couldn't be more plain.