Monday, March 14, 2011

For Most Of Your Lives (You Haven't Had One)

Oh dear, here we go again. Since Glenn Reynolds has suggested that Ann Althouse and New Media Meade deserve some kind of blogging award for merely living in Wisconsin and doing what the media refuse to do (don't get me wrong: I agree they do) can I get a prize or something for digging into another story Reynolds and pretty much everyone else barely even acknowledge?

As I mentioned a week ago - in an effort to underline that too many are ambivalent about truth and, thus, not really interested in what's important - the really bad crowd were going about their dubious business, with nary a word from the chattering classes, because they were focussed on Charlie Sheen. Well, events are taking another turn in the very episode I outlined, and of course - just to rub it in good - there's now another NewAger at the center of things:
Prince Andrew is facing fresh questions over his involvement in the £500,000 cash-for-access scandal surrounding his ex-wife.

Doubts were raised after evidence emerged contradicting his denials that he had ever known a psychic employed by Sarah Ferguson.

Andrew last year vigorously denied all knowledge of his former wife’s plot to take £500,000 from a wealthy businessman in return for arranging a meeting with the duke.

Days later, he also denied that he had ever met or heard of Sarah’s friend Azra Scagliarini, a clairvoyant. Miss Scagliarini was yesterday identified as the ‘go-between’ who set up a meeting between Sarah and a News of the World reporter posing as an Arab businessman.

Now a handwritten letter from the duke to Miss Scagliarini has emerged, in which he thanks her for her ‘help and friendship’.

The thank you note for a Christmas gift is dated January 1999, indicating that he had in fact known the 46-year-old psychic to the stars for more than a decade.

The revelation comes at a time of growing concern over the duke’s judgment and his links to dubious characters, including the American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who is a convicted paedophile, and tyrannical leaders including Colonel Gaddafi and his son Saif.

The Daily Mail understands that New York-based Miss Scagliarini does not claim to have met Andrew face to face, but is adamant that the pair have had ‘dozens’ of phone conversations since she was hired as one of Sarah’s spiritual advisers in 1998.
Now how many times do I have to say you're looking at the wrong things? When are you going to learn we've got this huge grey area existing in our society - called NewAge - and it's filled with psychics and cults and killers and liars, and only by unraveling who they are, and what they have their hands in, will we ever get a handle on what's going on out there?

Do you seriously think I just pulled this particular scandal out of a hat to make my point- and it just happened to involve a psychic? Or was it because it contained my usual topics (NewAgers, lying, child abuse, fraud) with my usual cast of characters? Come on, with the exception of Charlie Rose, we've been over all these subjects before:

The Royal Family.

From the Queen to Prince Charles to Diana to Fergie - all of them are/were NewAgers with numerous contacts in the occult underworld. Of course, Britain's The News of the World would exploit that knowledge to get at the truth, even if America's so-called smart set refuses to do so.


Oprah Winfrey is at the center of the NewAge belief system (it is now accepted we bow before her) and she just happens to be friends with almost everyone involved in this scandal, starting with Fergie.


Where to start? Bill "a higher state of consciousness" Clinton, Hillary "I talk to psychics" Clinton, George "I lied for Clinton" Stephanopoulos, and their pal, Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted paedophile and major donor to their campaigns.

What holds all these people together? NewAge, and the various subjects it's regularly associated with, and nothing more. But while everyone will hold hearings on Islam, or fight Republicans based on connections to the Christian Right, or investigate child abuse in the Catholic church, or even go see musicals on Broadway about Mormons, this one group (probably with the exception of Scientology) gets off, scott free, with little-to-no examination whatsoever, no matter how idiotic the belief, heinous the behavior, or ugly the crimes they're repeatedly proven to be involved in. I've talked to many people about this and, despite their interest in every other belief system causing trouble out there, when it comes to NewAge they all say "We don't play that game" like exposing NewAgers is a crime itself.

And trust me, I know what they mean:

NewAge is the belief system of the Baby Boomers, so, in a sense, they do consider it a crime to expose it's dark side - a crime against themselves.

Few want to acknowledge it as such, but (along with his own stupidity) NewAgers - including a psychic - brought down John Edwards. is an astrology outfit - an astrology outfit backing everything conservatives don't want in this country, starting with the fight against public unions.

Oprah brought us the disaster of Barack Obama - who got the full support of NewAgers - further led by cult leaders and frauds like Arianna Huffington and Deepak Chopra. And, despite all the evidence Americans have absolutely no reason to take Oprah's - or any other NewAger's - word for anything, they repeatedly go to her and them for advice and solace.

Right after the actor and comedian Jim Carrey declared he was a NewAger, he was fingered in the anti-vaccine fraud that took the lives of children world-wide.

NewAgers, like Louise Hay, are major donors, producers, and consumers, of NPR, PBS, and the CPB - and, if you ask me, a major reason for the white, elitist, liberal politics they espouse - and why it's been so easy to bust them (the NewAge conception of "duality" makes believers evil - and stupid). Note to David Brooks - who has espoused NewAge views several times before:

Nothing about NewAge is representative of our "common culture".

As I've said before, whether Charlie Sheen is crazy is a matter of opinion, but - whether the world we live in is - that is beyond dispute.

And the fact the Baby Boom's big brains uniformly refuse to investigate what NewAge is up to, no matter what NewAgers do - while looking strenuously and directly at every other belief system under the sun and how they affect our lives - is all the proof I need this is the truth:

For the last four decades, America has been locked in a madhouse - and it's the NewAge Baby Boomers who have been holding the key.

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