Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Liberal Media: They Decide Not To Report What They Don't Think Anyone Should Know

After blaming everything on Sarah Palin - and calling for a "new civility" and a "new tone" in the wake of the Gabriele Giffords shooting by a NewAge leftist - all the major news stations have gone into the same crouch they assumed during the John Edwards affair, and not reported the death threats Republicans have received from the Left in Wisconsin. Bill O'Rielly is the only broadcaster to report on this development - he of the "fair and balanced" FOX News the Left repeatedly claims is biased.

This would be bigger news if we were even the least bit surprised.


  1. I know most of the leftoids lurve "Cabaret", but does that mean we all have to live through it?

  2. Gabriele Giffords shooting by a NewAge leftist

    She was shot by an anti-statist. I know you lump all sorts of things in a "NewAge" category -- so I won't quibble with that -- but there was nothing left wing about Loughner.

  3. Jim,

    Why would you doubt me? I know I'm a conservative but I'm more committed to the truth than to ideology - you should know that:

    Jared Lee Loughner was a NewAger.

    Jared Lee Loughner was a liberal.

    I don't say this stuff just to be saying it.

  4. Crack--

    I don't "doubt you" per se, I just know better.

    I don't think you say this stuff just to say it, I'll guess you say it because it fits for you. But the "Loughner is a lib" rant got traction from that tweeter who said "she and Loughner were in the band together and were friends until 2007 when he became "reclusive" after getting alcohol poisoning and dropping out of college."

    There's no validation for her label of "left wing" and no way to measure her credibility (she may well be one of those folks who think Nazis were liberals) ... but even giving her the benefit of the doubt --perhaps he was liberal when he was social and a pothead but she hasn't been his friend for 4 yrs, during which he became a reclusive dropout after some drinking binge. Certainly a lot can happen in that time. Even Reagan was a Democrat until the day before he was a Republican.

    But what we do know about him -- since he himself said so in those ensuing 4 yrs-- is that he's anti-govt (shot 2 federal employees, flag-burner, hated currency), pro-gun (tho not exclusively a RW position), and anti-abortion (tho also not exclusively a RW position).

    And if I follow the theses of the contemporary RWer rants in print, online and on radio -- liberals are statists. Am I wrong?

    He's an insane nutjob goonbat (and not a representative example of any political ideology)... but there was nothing liberal about him.

    And as I already said, you're free to toss anything into a "NewAge" basket, but that article you cited also did nothing to certify his "NewAge" beliefs and only pasted him with the label, and then went to lump him in with others that they pasted with the label. So eventho I don't care and won't argue against it, the argument isn't persuasive.

  5. But there 's also his obsession with the movie "Zeitgeist" and it's themes - many of which are Bush-hating.

    Jim, when you work on understanding NewAge you have to accept that you're dealing with a grey area where not a lot is spelled out for you - you have to pull the strands together from some pretty flakey shit. Unlike most, I've learned not to dismiss stuff just because it's not PC or whatever, but to accept what's what.

    It's never been in the interest of media types to say Loughner was a leftist - just as it wasn't in their interest to report on John Edwards (because it would've destroyed the Democrat narrative during an election) or to report on Republicans getting death threats (because it destroys the "new civility" narrative they started after stupidly blaming it on, of all things, Sarah Palin) or any number of other games they play with what we know. Jared lee Loughner is an unfathomable "psycho" is just more of the same - at the very least, an admittance they're either cowards or too lazy to do their jobs. I don't like it any more than you probably do, but we have to face it:

    The media ain't our friends.

    That's the reason that blogs AKA "The Army of Davids" are taking over - because we can't trust the mainstream media to tell the truth any longer - or even recognize where they go off the rails. They're Democrats and Leftists/socialists, first, and reporters and journalists second. Long story short:

    They have no reason to admit that Loughner was one of theirs - and, not only that, but a classic case as I define it on my blog.

  6. The fact is, the reason Loughner isn't described as a leftist is because the facts say otherwise.

    His acts and statements demonstrate that he is an anti-statist.

    That's not really debatable and unless you want to contend that liberals are both statists and anti-statist, you ought to pick one or the other.

  7. Also:
    They're Democrats and Leftists/socialists, first, and reporters and journalists second.

    That is just not supportable by evidence nor anecdote. Among my co-workers in 25 yrs in newsrooms were many of the most conservative people I've ever known. And their reporting and work efforts were indistinguishable from those liberals in the room and they had no issues with "media bias" of their coworkers.

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  9. What I said, without saying what I said.

  10. Thanks... you make me laugh dude. I know we don't vote the same, but you're still good people. I'm off to spread your tunes around