Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Life's Got No Gray Area: Evil's Black & White (Dems, Hippies & NewAgers Are Liars)

While ranting at someone over at the Althouse, something occurred to me that would be better expressed here and - since I haven't got the urge to rant out of my system yet - here it goes with no fucking links or anything:

You guys allow evil to flourish because you have no interest in thinking about how to achieve anything good in this world - you're scared to death of even trying to get it.

You now have Mccarthyism labeled as bad because he went about trying to eliminate communism the wrong way. But there's nothing bad about trying to eliminate communism. You could try to get it right, but you don't because you focus on the wrong thing - the way Joe went about it.

You now have witch hunts labeled as bad because Salem went about trying to eliminate witches the wrong way. But there's nothing bad about trying to eliminate witches. You could try to get it right, but you don't because you focus on the wrong thing - the way Salem went about it.

And it's the same for every obvious evil that exists today. You always focus on the wrong-headed approach, allowing the evil free reign, and then look at anyone who suffers under it, or wants to eliminate it, as "hyperbolic and weird". You're not "sophisticated" for trying to find the grey area in evil. You're just a part of whatever evil you're shilling for.

Martin Luther King said injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere and that is the result of the attitude I see around me. Fraud is rampant in this society because those around me have a billion excuses for why we shouldn't tackle it. Look at the Bernie Madoff scandal for a prime example of an open fraud continuing for almost a man's entire life - until he himself confessed - because, even with people screaming there's something wrong there, no one was willing to go after him.

The pedophile Sai Baba just died. That's a single man who made millions, and held off the entire world, because they just refused to acknowledge he wasn't a "living god". There is no one on this planet who can justify it.

Who can adequately explain why, decades ago, the powers that be didn't say, "That isn't so"? Instead, they let that pervert abuse children and kept the creep living in the lap of luxury. You did the same thing with the Maharishi.

I always rant on homeopathy because it's such an obvious scam - it's only water - but do you see anyone picketing Whole Foods for perpetrating a fraud on the public? No - people are actually PROUD to shop there! It's a fucking badge of honor to be part of it! Because to say "You're wrong and you're doing wrong" is just not politically correct! Fuck, the term "politically correct" is Orwellian in itself! But let somebody say so and they're the crazy person! It's all evil, I tell you!

In my life, I have seen almost every form of barbarity known to man, and almost all of it happened before my eyes in the United States. It happened because there's always some asshole with an excuse for why nobody can do anything to stop it - when stopping it is the only answer for how to stop it.

I have put my life on the line for others, countless times, and it never ceases to amaze me that I'm alone in doing so. You know it's true - how often to we hear about a crime happening before a crowd and no one stops to help? Isn't there a YouTube video out there now of two black girls attacking a white girl and all some guy did was videotape it? Some older lady got involved by saying, "stop" but nothing more - she certainly wasn't going to throw herself into the breach, was she? Would you? A father just died at a McDonald's for doing so but, I'll bet, that was because he was the only person to get involved - and he was alone because the rest did nothing! You're cowards. And you're cowards because you don't have the conviction that stopping evil is what you're supposed to do!

And you certainly won't entertain your role in evil, will you? Not you, as you protest someone else! It's always someone else! It's George Bush, or Dick Cheney, or someone other than yourself! Where's the oil you said we were getting from Iraq? You were WRONG, asshole! Barack Obama is president - about as big a wrong as this nation has ever seen in it's history - because YOU were wrong about everything else! Oh, you had to have him because you were so WRONG, but will you ever admit it? Hell no! Not even the people complaining about him now will admit they were wrong to have ever voted him into office - that's on somebody else!

Even after the horror of 9/11, you laughed when George Bush said there are evildoers out there - you laughed! What was so fucking funny? Whatsa matter? 3,000 Americans dead in one morning wasn't enough proof for you? Again: you chose to focus on what you thought was stupidity than what was important - the people trying to kill us. YOU did that!

You're still focused on it. Almost every attempt to reign in the enemy is greeted by hoots and cat calls rather than suggestions for how to get the job done. How fucking helpful. How fucking immature. How very YOU!

This nation should be looking the possible fate of failure, for the very first time, squarely in the eye - and acting against it - but it's people are too concerned with trying to appear to be nice than good. It should be shutting up the hypocrites and throwing them overboard. It should be shutting up the liars and jailing them. Anyone involved in fraud should have to fight for their very lives because that's what they've forced all of us to do now.

You are not stardust and you are not golden - you're a bunch of tin, covered in gold flake, and God damn it, on behalf of all the Americans who never bought into your bullshit, I want my money back!