Thursday, April 21, 2011

Homeopathy Is Insane (Denying It Makes It So)

Oh, take my word for it, Mr. - that's all we're giving you:
A New Plymouth doctor says a medical researcher's claim that homeopathy is crazy is a "national scandal".

Dr Joe Rozencwajg, of Natura Medica Ltd, has been practising natural medicine in New Plymouth for 10 years and said homeopathy can be successful.

"We (homeopaths) know what we are doing, we are properly trained and we should be given the minimum respect we deserve."
Oh, get off it - you're a friggin' water salesman posing as a physician! "Properly trained" my ass. Listen to me, you delusional fool:

When we start to give your kind anything more than the minimum respect (like that which a cat accords a mouse) then, and only then, will there be a problem.

Oh, and be sure to watch for the first homeopathic authority in this broadcast, a woman who does something that's becoming quite familiar,...