Friday, October 25, 2013

Speaking In CodE

Orac finally got to Chairman Mao's acupuncture story and fills us in, further, on the "science":

Whatever - have it your way:

Integrate that shit - the problem's Big Pharma,...


  1. Acupuncture...yet another thing that has been floating around in horse stables for 30 odd years now.

    And again, let me remind the non-horsey people: you have to consider in this that the people enlisting it would kill a chicken under a full moon if they thought it might procure a win for them (eh, they are what they are, which is usually pretty crazy as well as competitive as hell) I'm not sure they are the best people to follow (along with hippies, who would probably kill an "organic, free range" chicken under the same full moon in order to take care of their increasing wrinkles).


    *and yes, I have seen it used -- didn't seem to do anything to the horse, but the acupuncturist did get kicked pretty soundly, right in the gut, think they had to go to the hurts

  2. I have had acupuncture and it worked for me.

    It relieved some of my pain and did not come with any new age mumbo jumbo.

    I am not arrogant enough to think I know everything about how the body works. That is your job buddy.

  3. Mumbo jumbo is cooked into the program. Sure it wasn't placebo effect? The mind can play a lot of tricks on a person, especially under powerful suggestion.


    One thing about the horse -- because it doesn't have that high a brain function it can't be lied to in this fashion -- its owners and trainers can, but it can't. So, I'm afraid in this regard, I have take its "word" instead.

  4. Hey, PW!

    I own 4 high dollar Arabians. I know a lot of other high dollar horse owners.

    I've seen lots of horses react really well to acupuncture and chiropractic care.

    Even the big time Olympic training facility a couple of towns over.

    I appreciate how you want to try and support Crackers and all--but really. Try to be accurate at least, unlike your pal.

  5. Cody, your "high dollar" Arabians not withstanding -- there have been studies that show chiropractic and acupuncture in horses haven't really done anything for the horse.
    What the owner or trainer believes is happening is another story.

    I suggest reading David Ramey's blog -- he is a very well regarded equine vet and has come to the conclusion that most alternative medicine for horses has more to do with creating a feeling of caring in the owners and handlers than any real health advantages for the animals.


    PS. while I am indeed a poor damn grit, I too have been around "high dollar" horsies and "big time" facilities...I used to be one of the little people who took care of your horsies and got them ready for you "big time" folks to show...and made sure what happened in the training barn stayed in the training barn (so the owners would get to keep their fun and good feelings, and the rest of us could keep getting to eat).
    If you wanted your horsies to have needles stuck in their backs and asses, then by god, you got it! (most of us however preferred to be on the holding end for that though -- a lot of horses don't much care to have their backs cracked, nor needles hooked up to electric currents stuck in them)!