Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wha? Say Wha?? The Crack Emcee Is Still Alive? Wha?

Storm Large is Wang Qingren is The Crack Emcee is a liar:

Doesn't matter - cut it off,....


  1. You know...if you're going to act like a freaking prick, at least have the balls to put a call sign to it.

    For example:


    See? It isn't that hard (unless you have no balls and are losing a fight...which I'm pretty sure is what's happening; yep, almost bet on it).

  2. Yeah...Crackers is begging for spare change from all the people he's spent the last few months endlessly insulting--and everyone who's again' him is losing some sort of fight.

    PW, I've developed some real respect for you based on your comments here--but that's a little silly for you to say.

    IMO of course.

    And Crackers gets off on the anonymous comments. He could turn them off if he wanted. Sometimes I think he's made a few of them himself.

  3. PW - can I call you P? You seem rather ball-less yourself - please include your full name, SS#, DOB, home address and your mother's maiden name if you want to be taken seriously.

    Until then you are just another anonymous Crack cock sucker, sucking Crack's anonymous cock. Enjoy!

  4. Now why would I acquiesce to the request of some anonymous person who gets off on being rude and crude and can't even go to the effort of putting in some sort of identifying signature? Grow up.

    Something must be hitting your nerves though; that's been apparent since you first started up a few days back.

    Cody, what so silly about it? It's the truth...put a signature or something to it. I sign in anonymously because I can't be bothered to register with blogger whatnot...that's why I put the sig at the bottom: so I own what I say.

    But if you insist, I have mentioned my actual name on this blog before. It's now you know.
    If it would make you feel better I'll start writing that instead.


    *Cody -- uhm, doesn't look like Crack's writing style, so, nah, not buying you're claim; does remind me of a couple of commenters at a couple of other political blogs (which I have to slays me that people think they can behave the way they do on these things...calling somebody a sonofabitch is one thing, but this? come on Cody, I have a feeling you know better in real life)

  5. Jennifer, can I call you Jennifer? "Now why would I acquiesce to the request of some anonymous person" is pretty much my response as well.

    And why are you so lazy? It's not that difficult to sign up.

    In any case, please keep sending your money to Crack - he needs it more than you do.

  6. PW, did you just say the anonymous comments are written by me? Cuz they ain't.

    And I don't have an issue with you just using the PW.

  7. BTW, PW:

    Don't forget, I tried to be friends with Crackerjax. I sent him money with the plan of sending him more when I could, because I recognized he needed it and I'm happy enough to help--I give money to causes to support people I don't's better to help people you "know".

    And while that was happening, he decided to use me as some sort of example (he's written about his logic on a private blog, basically he's trying to show how all whites are evil because Trayvon). So he started posting lies about me, about something he claims I said, which is that I supposedly salivate over the idea of shooting and killing a black kid.

    Since I didn't say it, and it's a pretty horrible thing to be accused of, especially in light of trying to help him out and also some email correspondence...yeah, I've gotten pissed off.

    Wouldn't you?

  8. Jennifer hates white men too, so they have that in common.

  9. Cody, did I accuse you of that? No, I didn't.

    However, I have read the comments, and can make up my own mind. You can't claim to be a victim when you engage in some of the comments you have made -- so just don't. Sometimes the best way to "win" is to just stop fighting, or just apologize for what you've said and be done (you cannot be responsible for somebody else's actions/words, but you are for yours; you can't take back what you've said, but you can make amends for them). Hmmm...this sounds really familiar...

    Telling somebody you're pissed need not involve going down the path you have been going on. And my views about what this blog has been doing vis a vis the black/white thing has been well hashed out. In the great scheme of things it has made for most excellent exemplification (taken that way I fail to see where it has at heart, been that nasty -- highly provocative? oh hell yes...but that isn't the same as having nasty intentions).
    That private blog had commenters that did try to make him engage in a group slam session with his as the token person representing the slammed party...that could make a person pretty pissy too?
    Don't even get me started on the whole "lawnboy" thing -- I don't much care for Meade Althouse, but going after what he does as work was pretty low (and some of us have engaged in the same work, so not exactly a way to make friends and influence people, ok?).


    *but if it's any consolation: I don't think you, Cody, are making these other anonymous comments -- I was trying to address all postings at once; not a good idea on my part; my bad. I won't do it again.

    As for you, anonymous poster person...yawn, next, and please do try to be less boring and predictable if you're going to keep this up; the material you're using is truly unimaginative and lacking in wit.
    If it was better it might beg for some Freudian interpretation though -- maybe try that; at least it might be more fun for the rest of us.

  10. Jennifer, ever the original and sparkling writer wrote "yawn, next, and please do try to be less boring and predictable if you're going to keep this up; the material you're using is truly unimaginative and lacking in wit."

    Did you make that up? Or just cut and paste if from some dweeb blog you read? Because it sure doesn't sound original or non-boring.

  11. Thank you PW.

    I wasn't sure if you were or not, that's why I asked. I didn't want to assume you had, since like I said I've developed respect for you reading your comments.

    And you're right about walking away. The problem with that is that with some people--Crackers is one of them--if you do give up and walk away they're convinced they've beaten you and will then crow about it.

    Which isn't fun. :)

    I don't think that private blog (btw) did that with him. At least I never saw it. Nor did I see it at the other places he and I go to. Not to say it didn't happen--I tried to stay away from the Trayvon stuff on other blogs, I was at Jeralyn Merrit's specially created Zimmerman trial discussion board.

    Thing is...Crackers comes to these blogs and acts like he's the representative of every black person in the world. He does it in his music too--like the song "Thank You" for instance. So if he's going to act like he's wearing the mantle of blackhood, should he then get pissed off if people engage him on it?

    And I only started actually going after Crack after he started going after me, as I've mentioned before. If you're going to tell me you'd turn the other cheek if he went on three or more blogs saying you were just drooling to kill black babies and whatever after you'd reached out to him and were thinking there was the beginnings of a friendship going on, you're a better man than I am. Err...person. Sorry. :)

    And Meade deserves everything he gets as far as abuse. He's worse than the slimy stuff that gets scraped off a worm crawling in a manure pile.

  12. were wrong to pop off with some of the remarks you made; that's not on anybody else, and fuck "fun", fuck what other people do or say -- you just have to be responsible for what you say and do.

    So if you say something wrong, what's the skin off anyone's ass to say "that was wrong of me, and I'm sorry, fair enough being pissed at me for that"?
    Might change things going forward? Just a thought.