Sunday, October 20, 2013

An Edited Email I Sent To A Friend


 My former landlord/roommate had an accident, brain damage, and I helped with the months-long process of moving him into a home. His daughter is now my landlady. 
She's a chiropractor.

When I hurt my back, she started forcing her services on me. She lives out of state, but told me to see a colleague of hers, here. I told her I would - and would've, if only for being in the ironic situation I was in, as an anti-alternative medicine back patient with chiropractor for a landlady - but she never made the referral. Yesterday I found out why.

While having a conversation about my falling behind on my rent - $650.00 - I said, "Come on, you're a chiropractor, you must know what's happened to me." And she bellowed "DON'T ACT LIKE YOU HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR MY PROFESSION!" The venom really came pouring out after that.

It seems her father let her know my feelings on the subject, and I didn't make the proper chirping sounds when she offered the referral (hence her not making the appointment) and she's been stewing about it ever since, basically growing to hatred without saying a word to me until now. And now she wants me out. No amount of money can console her - nothing. She just wants me out and (while I don't know if it's legal with just a verbal warning) she's giving me three days to do it or she says she has "people" who will.

Since I can't tell you what you can or can't do, I'll tell you where I am:

A few months ago, when I got hit with the ulcer (the first ailment before my back, possibly, from dealing with her father) I had just gotten completely out of debt. My years of effort following (I'm not kidding) the Dave Ramsey/Sean Hannity advice of conquering it (put away as much of everything you get as possible, paying big bills first, etc./find a construction job) had paid off. I finally had all my things with me (that had been sitting in storage, in California, for years), plans for my new record, and about $5,000 in the bank. I was actually dancing around the house I was so happy - it worked - and I'd done it! The old fashioned way.

Then I got struck down. My first prescription was for $800 - and it was one of three. More followed. It's been one thing after another after that. Even a Country song - my truck broke down during it all.

I am now $4,000 in debt. That's it. Not insurmountable, just a violent set-back for a guy like me.

I'm not asking anyone for that. I've desperately got to get my stuff into storage and me out of here. That's it.

If you can help - any amount - I'd even appreciate a loan. I am responsible, just - shit happens. My back's much better, I've just sworn off chairs. I'll do what I have to do.

And thanks.


  1. I have been buying one ounce gold coins - have a big pile of them and close to 500 silver dollars.

    In addition, I have over $100,000 in my checking account and thousands of dollars in cash in my safe. My retirement account is doing nicely, too and I am years away from retirement.

    Everything I own is paid for and I work every day, mainly for entertainment - don't want to get out of the habit of being productive.

    I just thought you would like to know.

  2. As your boy Obama's minister mentioned, your chickens are coming home to roost.

  3. Man, talk about going to his brothers and saying brothers help me please but his brothers just wind up knocking him right back down on his knees. Or however that song goes.

    Crack, my Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, just finished signing property tax relief legislation (Google 'Scott Walker Tax Cut') that will allow me to keep more of my property to redistribute as I choose instead of the state taking more of it and redistributing it for me, the way the state chooses.

    So I'm choosing to share some of it with you. It's not a lot but I hope it helps you get back up on your feet. Maybe it will encourage some of your other readers to chip in what they can. Check your PayPal account. No strings attached. Please be good to yourself.

  4. Hey--I had every intention of sending him more cash when I could, but he decided he'd rather start spreading lies, twisting something I didn't say as a way of justifying...something, I don't even know.

    So why should I reward bad behavior? I don't want him to lick my balls like you want him to lick yours, I just figured he could be a little polite or something.

    And it's pretty funny that you talk about your property, when we all know it's Mistress Annie's property, you just mow the lawn and occasionally trim the bush.

  5. I, too, will do what I can--but it'll have to be near the end of the week.

    Just FYI, though, she can't kick you out with three days notice. That's not the way these things work. She can, if she chooses and has good reason, initiate the eviction process, but that takes months. It is also doubtful she can evict you, at all, for thinking she's a new age fruit cake.

    So hang in there. Tell her politely that she can do what she needs to do, but you aren't leaving in three days. If she sends 'people" over in an attempt to force you to move out, or threatens you in any way, she's screwed. Read up on your state and local tenant's rights.

  6. She can kick him out with three days notice. If he's not actually a tenant but has just been living there as a sort of roommate situation, and the owner of the house is going into care facility, than yeah, he can be kicked out.

    Problem is that--at least from everything he's said--Crackers isn't and hasn't been an actual tenant.

  7. BTW, did anyone else laugh at how Cracker despises chiropractors for being quacks and whatever, but that doesn't stop him from pleading with her by saying "you're a chiropractor, you know what it's been like for me"?

  8. Right - in other words: you're a quack, from your quacky perspective you surely know what it's been like for me having to deal with quacks, losers, crybabies and moron racists.

    What I laugh at is your ShoutingSixtyAnonymousCodyJim need to keep trying to knock Crack back down on his knees. Not laugh ha-ha-ha. More of a laugh ha-ho-snort at your loser racist crybaby needs.

  9. Right where you like him.

  10. You're simply wrong, cody. An attorney will have to weigh in on this, but there is a status called "tenant at sufferance", and it is not so simple as saying, "Get out" and they have to leave--as you'd know had you ever owned property and been a landlord.

    That said, I'm with Meade on this. What prompts a group of knuckleheads to visit a blog, take the time to register their anonymous and gutless slams against a guy for doing nothing more than speaking his mind, escapes me. Wouldn't you chumps be happier in the circle jerk at Daily Kos or DU?

  11. If you are with Meade then you know about circle jerks. And be careful, words can hurt.

  12. Hey Trumble:

    I own several rental properties. Bought my first multi family when I was in my mid twenties. Have evicted three tenants over that time.

    I know--anyone can say anything on the internet and all, so I don't expect you'll believe me, but I do actually have some experience to back up what I'm saying.

    Tenant at sufferance refers to someone who's still living in a unit after the lease has expired. Look it up.

    From Crack's posts here, he's never been the actual tenant, never signed a lease. He moved into this person's house to help care for him/be a roommate (again, according to Crack's writings here). know, if you actually knew what you were talking about, you'd know this stuff.

  13. Real generosity means not drawing attention to yourself for a kind act. So, there was a string attached as soon as you started typing. What a loser, phony.

  14. Real generosity means giving your own money, not money stolen by your wife from the tax payers in Wisconsin. You then shower Luther with gold which you have appropriated from an incapacitated old woman.

    Larry and Luther, what a lovely couple they make - a couple of lying losers who love to whine.