Friday, September 7, 2018


I've always said the poor know their needs better than anyone, so any money should go directly to them, but, apparently, other peeps need to learn, and it appears the disappearance of Johnny Bobbitt's GoFundMe money (to the couple that raised it to "help" him after he befriended them) is their lesson:
This story is a huge mess. It remains to be seen where the money went but Bobbitt has suggested an online gambling problem might be part of the explanation. As for Jazz’s suggestion that Bobbitt should have just been given the money and allowed to handle it himself, I guess it’s difficult to argue that would have been worse than what seems to have happened here...Bobbitt’s fate is a counter-factual whereas the couple blowing the money is looking more like a fact.
And, when "help" comes through government, that fact is called "bureaucracy".

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