Sunday, September 16, 2018

Life Starts When Cultists Say "Don't Tell Nobody" (And Seems To End There, Too)

No one still talks like this but me - and other victims of cults and child abuse, who've been through it, somehow - and can still smile sweetly for the camera:
These cultists created a cultural lore of people being able to read minds and use super mental powers. They supported this belief by living in their echo chambers. Really though, they were weak, desperate people, easily overcome by my basic psychological strategies. I developed them simply by...just observing. All I needed to do then was rise above the pain and emotion, at least temporarily, and deliver the payload in words. Their robotic minds react in a predictable fashion.

What's weird is, while "living in their echo chambers" could be describing almost anyone in our politically-partisan era (but especially the Democrats) cultists - by definition - can't see they've formed cults, because they're the ones "in" them (How do you assist someone, who doesn't know they're sick, so waves away all interventions as wasteful hypochondria?). They're even turning down pot, y'all.

You can't "help" the insane.

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