Saturday, September 8, 2018

From A Problem With Science And Metaphysics (To A Solution With Frank Zappa)

I'm always wondering, how is it that - in this "modern" high tech world - something can be known on one side of the planet, that NewAgers aren't aware of on the other? A problem with our satellites? For instance, here's a message from Yurp:
"Apparently, in Canada, osteopathy is strong and full of woo..."

Now, we know it surely can't be a language barrier, because this professor is in Germany, which is right next door to France - where they speak that silly oui-oui, pooh-pooh, lah-lah French - but, the Gauls are just as coo-coo-clueless as the Canadians, so what gives? How are these two nations, so renowned for their educations, modernity, and civility, not so renowned for being in-step with reality?

But, this speaks to how the whole NewAge phenomena is working, all over the world: how do some immediately know fraud when we see it, while many (if not most) NewAgers buy into whatever false "empowerment" (or whatever message) the cultists sell? And - if some people do and can spot it - why aren't they trusted? 

I think it's because, like everyone else, the NewAger's desire for power (whether over themselves, over rationalists, or the world) is stronger - and, they have more money than common sense to indulge it, so bad things happen (Which, of course, is why they shouldn't have power: they've already proven they can't handle it).

Whatever. Thinking about NewAgers makes the mind weary. So here's TMR's new answer to NewAge's problems - listen to Frank Zappa because none of it matters:

It really works. Better than any damned guru, I guarantee you. Big money bet.

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