Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Yep, It's A Sign - The IQ's Are Dropping: So We ARE Back In Kansas Once More!

One of society's problems is, while everybody else is arguing about principles, NewAge cultists are free to go about their business - and do. But, recent events keep indicating - now that Trump is president - that might be coming to an end through natural causes. Like now that Dorothy's stolen ruby slippers have been returned! "Whoa" (you might be thinking, pondering if I'm crazy) "now what do they have to do with anything, Mr. I Hate NewAge?" to which I would sagely answer:
While symbolism might not matter much to atheists, it's powerful juju to the superstitious, and this - an "actual" item from "Oz," stolen in the wicked year 2005, but returned to "reality" in 2018 - definitely could signal an ending to the last era of magical thinking for many believers.
At least that's the hope. TMR also hopes those witches out there "binding the president" are paying attention: The Universe doesn't seem to be at one with you.

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