Friday, September 14, 2018

I'm Starting To Feel My Power - Just As Predicted - So All The Psychics Must Die

It's a bit unnerving how people like, and - at the very least - accept madness, in certain contexts, but not others. For instance, a YUUUUUGE problem seen with President Trump, for many people on the Left, is how he mixes fantasy and reality. But, when they enter the NewAge context, not only has it always been status quo on the Left to mix fantasy and reality, but it's protected and expected:

So, which do you think came first, in America: the Left making fantasy and reality interchangeable - or Trump? And, doesn't that mean lying was already baked-in there, too? And isn't the Left helping the con artists openly conduct their crimes - on almost every street corner across the country - as the Left hated about Trump? 

Oh boy. I think, at this point, if anyone can see the future, I can - and it's not pretty.

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