Monday, September 10, 2018

The World Got Trumped By NewAge (Long Before The Donald Ran For Anything)

When it comes to NewAge influence, the world's "political researchers" are as clueless as the ever-widening vastness of space is spreading - the bold is mine:
Most political researchers are focusing on surface-level factors when trying to understand the present situation. They explain polarization and democratic discontent with the rise of the radical right in Europe, or Fox News in the United States, or the tweeting of Donald Trump or social media platforms. In my view, all these things are, however, not problems in themselves. They are symptoms of deeper problems that like gravitational forces push everything in a particular direction. If we are to get out of the present crisis in good shape, it is the responsibility of political researchers to begin to unravel what is the underlying driver of all this. And it cannot be an explanation that just works in the United States. Because we see similar symptoms across the Western world. So what is going on?

NewAge affects the Left and the Right. NewAge is worldwide. NewAge spreads chaos. NewAge is seen as harmless (and thus, spreadable, almost no matter what follows do) and is engaged in by our leaders, at the highest levels, as well as the general public. And, especially by women, where it's corrosive affects on society are so isolated as to not be seen as much of a threat to the natural order.

Can I have my Nobel now?

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