Wednesday, September 5, 2018

I've Got A List To Get Started On Immediately (Any Time They're Ready To Begin)

Whether you're stealing money raised for another (using a lawyer named "Badway") or killing kids by raising them religious (using a method called "fasting") caring for others is hard. It's especially difficult in a conservative country insisting A) there's no victims, and B) the best way to "make a difference" is by giving others the bare minimum (you think) needed. Somebody could get hurt.

Of course, since the oppressed know their needs better than anyone, the best thing to do is, ask them what their needs are and provide them, if you can, but - for some reason - that seems too difficult for most little Hitlers to understand (Those who deem themselves as doing "better" are almost always of the mind they know best for someone else - though, obviously, this is NOT even close to true, since they live so well). Especially in America, where white people are a lot like white South Africans, who "must maintain control!" at all costs. It's a compulsion.

Compulsions: one more thing Westerners must let go, in order to free themselves.

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