Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Sh*t's Getting Deep

If you follow NewAge (and those sorts of things) the cues start to jump out at you, because you see them all the time:
A poop cult is taking over social media. Cult leader Jillian Epperly has convinced her followers that pooping is the only way to rid the body of disease. Jillian Epperly encourages her followers to drink fermented cabbage to rid their body of every illness. She has written a few “books” on her protocol. She claims her protocol is the answer for all disease. Her followers are encouraged to abandon all pharmaceuticals, medications, treatments, adhere to a strict diet, and stop all supplements. Jillian Epperly is not a doctor or scientist. She is a dangerous con-artist that is hurting people and has been linked to several suspected deaths.
I'd known about NewAge's killer poop fetish, starting all the way back in 2008, so I'm not surprised. Nor does the focus on supplements, pro or con. NewAgers are obsessed with them. It's all truly boilerplate. Just same old, same old. That's what makes people falling for it so odd: Is this particular formulation of bullshit acting powerfully on the mind, or are people really super dense, and just can't see it?

Answer me in the comments.

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