Friday, September 5, 2008

Ain't Too Proud To Beg: Make A Donation

I really should've gotten around to these two items earlier, but things just haven't worked out:

First, it's DONATION TIME again!

Look, kids, it seems to me that if Americans can donate millions to Hillary, Barack, McCain, and Palin, then they can throw a few bucks to influence the direction of online cultural thought, too. (Doing even a semi-popular one-man blog ain't easy, Folks.)

TMR's influence is growing by leaps and bounds since it's "authority" was only 26 a few months ago - there's even talk of a book deal! - but the other plans I want to roll out (an anti-cult band, another blog, an online videoblog, etc.) all take moolah - which I ain't got yet. (Heck, I just lost a job because I was being sexually harassed! Don't ask how that happens: just assume I was working for San Francisco Bay Area liberals and look away,...)

Anyhow, if you've got some cash you can throw this way, it would be greatly appreciated - and will lead directly to a far superior "product," on so many fronts, it'll (eventually) blow your mind like I was Sarah Palin. Take this, for instance:

Diddly's Weblog was inspired by this blog, which shouldn't be too surprising since it's founder, William Chase, is one of my favorite readers - he's even tried to help TMR (and it's constant barrage of swear words) get sponsors.

William (above, with his beautiful new daughter) is a therapist (this blog, to my everlasting shame, can attract a very-credentialed and high-minded readership) and he's been the inspiration for several great posts since we've met. The guy's a big brain so, of course, I'll be quoting his posts in the future but, in the meantime, go pay Diddly's a visit for yourself: Mr. Chase (MSW) has got a lot of insightful thoughts on modern cultism to share.

O.K. - that's it - but just so we're clear:

1) Give the crazy black guy money.

2) Visit a therapist.

See? Proof you don't have to be an NPR listener for those two things to go together!

Executing a perfect "terrorist fist bump" from afar,