Friday, September 5, 2008

Ain't Too Proud To Beg: Make A Donation

I really should've gotten around to these two items earlier, but things just haven't worked out:

First, it's DONATION TIME again!

Look, kids, it seems to me that if Americans can donate millions to Hillary, Barack, McCain, and Palin, then they can throw a few bucks to influence the direction of online cultural thought, too. (Doing even a semi-popular one-man blog ain't easy, Folks.)

TMR's influence is growing by leaps and bounds since it's "authority" was only 26 a few months ago - there's even talk of a book deal! - but the other plans I want to roll out (an anti-cult band, another blog, an online videoblog, etc.) all take moolah - which I ain't got yet. (Heck, I just lost a job because I was being sexually harassed! Don't ask how that happens: just assume I was working for San Francisco Bay Area liberals and look away,...)

Anyhow, if you've got some cash you can throw this way, it would be greatly appreciated - and will lead directly to a far superior "product," on so many fronts, it'll (eventually) blow your mind like I was Sarah Palin. Take this, for instance:

Diddly's Weblog was inspired by this blog, which shouldn't be too surprising since it's founder, William Chase, is one of my favorite readers - he's even tried to help TMR (and it's constant barrage of swear words) get sponsors.

William (above, with his beautiful new daughter) is a therapist (this blog, to my everlasting shame, can attract a very-credentialed and high-minded readership) and he's been the inspiration for several great posts since we've met. The guy's a big brain so, of course, I'll be quoting his posts in the future but, in the meantime, go pay Diddly's a visit for yourself: Mr. Chase (MSW) has got a lot of insightful thoughts on modern cultism to share.

O.K. - that's it - but just so we're clear:

1) Give the crazy black guy money.

2) Visit a therapist.

See? Proof you don't have to be an NPR listener for those two things to go together!

Executing a perfect "terrorist fist bump" from afar,



  1. Okay, just hit the tipjar :)

    BTW ... not sure if Diddly's blog refers to the great man himself -- but if so, just a nugget to share.

    I worked briefly with Bo Diddly's niece, Gloria Jolivet, in Arlington, Va., back in the early '80s. She used to tour with him as backup, but then got a "real" job as a (fellow) secretary at the company we worked for, complete with husband and kids, and settled down.

    A more wonderful, beautiful, superlatives-fail-me woman I will never, ever know again.

    One memorable day, she invited me over for dinner/conversation/etc., and said bring your guitar, so I did.

    (Disclosure: I only play enough chords well enough to accompany myself.)

    When I got there, there was a crowd of about 20 people all tonking around on various instruments -- and I mean various. African percussion instruments (including a thumb piano), Spanish castanets, a guy with a mandolin, tons of things. People were just talking and idly strumming/striking, whatever.

    Dinner was superb. Mouth-watering fried chicken like the Colonel could only dream of, every kind of salad, biscuits with REAL! red-eye gravy, etc.

    But afterward ... ah, afterward ...

    We were all just sitting around. Gloria's husband (can't remember his name, alas) picked up a guitar and started a tune. Nothing in particular -- completely ad-lib.

    The guy next to him came in, and then a couple more people, and pretty soon everyone, including myself, were improv-ing and creating a unique, only-to-be-heard-that-night piece of Music.

    Part Spiritual, part Buddhist chant, part jazz ... hard to quantify.

    The best bit? It went on for about THREE HOURS. NO one dropped out, no one even thought about it. You were just in that moment, and it didn't seem like five minutes.

    Sorry to blather on so much :) ... but just thought I'd share.

    ANYway ... scooting ("shooting?") on back to encourage others to donate as well -- I don't have a very wide readership, but every bit counts.

    Good luck!

  2. I donated too. What else would I do at work if not for The Macho Response? New Age nonsense was always something I just dismissed as not worth investigation. You've shown me just how scary and serious it is.

    By the way, check out Jim Treacher's blog if you haven't already. He's delivering some of the funniest--and most cutting--commentary on this Palin business that I've seen anywhere.

  3. I want to donate but the link takes me to somthing that is not paypal and confuses me. Can I donate via paypal?

  4. O.K., now I'm confused:

    I just tried the "donate" button (on the right, under the bio and phrase "just payin' the rent") and it took me directly to Paypal.

    You might want to try again - and thanks.

    And "thank you" to the others that have already done so:

    It means more to me than you'll ever know.

  5. Crack,

    I set a record for traffic to my site after your post! It wasn't a hard record to beat but hey - gotta start somewhere.

    I mean it though about the inspiration. It is hard to change one's mind about some things, and your blog has really helped me to take a second look at lots of beliefs I've held dear, even belief itself.

    Keep up the great work.

    I just dropped a grand on car repairs but I will get to a donation.

    W Chase