Friday, September 12, 2008

Fact: It's EUROPE That's irrational!!!

"It's been remarked that the biggest difference between Americans and Europeans is religion: ignorant Americans cling to faith; enlightened Europeans long ago embraced the liberating power of reason. Yet here's an odd thing about this election. Europeans are asking Americans to take a leap of faith, to break the chains of empiricism and embrace the possibility of the imagination.

The fact is that a vote for Mr Obama demands uncritical subservience to the irrational, anti-empirical proposition that the past holds no clues about the future, that promise is wholly detached from experience. The second-greatest story ever told, perhaps."

-- Gerard Baker, who totally gets it, and is giving it to the Times Online.

I've said it from the first day I stepped foot on their soil: Europe ("Yurp") is lying to itself. It's the most irrational place I've ever been to - and I've been all over the world! That's why they're struggling with NewAge medicines, and cultish belifs - to an extent not found in America - yet. (Though it's getting bad here.) France is the only country I've ever run from. I kissed the ground when I got back to the States from France. They're nuts! And they've positioned themselves as the historical voice of Europe! They're idiots!

Wake the fuck up, Europe: we're not you - and never will be! You want Barack Obama so bad? Take him! Make him your leader, you hypocrites! You have no other black leaders - or "community organizers" - take him!

He's yours!

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  1. Never forget how common BO is in Europe and how they in defense make the retarded claim that Americans "smell like hospitals".