Friday, September 19, 2008

Fine Films Featuring Freaky Followers

"Holy Smoke": a female cultist is confronted with a hunky deprogrammer, by way of Hollywood.

"Beneath The Planet Of The Apes": human time travelers discover a subterranean group that gets off worshipping the hydrogen bomb. Wouldn't you?

"The Devil's Advocate": Satan explains God - on his own NewAge/Pagan terms.

"Songs From The Second Floor": world-wide economic collapse causes the Swedes to fall back on "ancient teachings".

"The Devil's Rejects": Charlie Manson & Co. get a brilliantly sinister B-movie make-over.

"Hideous Kinky": a "spiritual" British woman is on a never-ending search, deciding to try and be a Sufi - while dragging her poor kids along for the ride.

"The Profit": and just how did L. Ron Hubbard start that crazy thing?

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