Monday, September 8, 2008

Hillary's A Methodist (With A Psychic) Barack Is Not A Muslim (Backed By NewAge Oprah - Who Won't Talk To The Very-Christian Sarah) And,...

"This is not a religious war. It is just politics."

-- Cary Tennis, answering a Democrat who's driving herself crazy - by the very idea there are Republicans* (but, also, revealing Tennis is ignoring the full extent of what's occurring, metaphysically, in this election) and doing it, as always, on

*Read this letter, people, because it's a totally-unhinged hoot!

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  1. "They do not seem like us, do they? Well, OK, maybe they are the uncool us. Maybe they are the us that we do not like or are ashamed of. Maybe they are the repressed us, our dark side -- as we are their dark side."

    You know, I am becoming more and more convinced that a significant number of liberals are such only because it gives them (or they think it gives them) a vantage from which they can look down upon those they perceive as "uncool."

    Why not just grow up?