Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nature's Natural Nit-wits Need News Now

"Green protesters still pose, somewhat embarrassingly, as radicals on the edge of society who are waging war against uncaring governments and corporations. In truth, they are better seen as the militant wing of the elite itself, as a kind of tambourine-bashing committee which reminds the authorities – sometimes through spectacular stunts – that they must remain true to their promise to curb CO2 emissions, rein in road-building and other forms of development, and re-educate the public about our bad habits of overconsumption. "

-- Brendan O’Neill, putting the boot to the Green Meanies, as the editor of Spiked!

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  1. These frankenfood wanks can always depend on these stupid journalists to listen to their idiotic prattle becuase the news media are all trained professional liars