Monday, September 8, 2008

NewAge Nazis: My Way Or The Highway (Not)

I gotta take a break - I'll be back in a couple of hours - so consider making a donation* (while staring at Arthur Szyk’s portrait of the most successful NewAger in history) until I get back.

*To those who have already done so, this black American foster child not only says "thank you," but wants you to know I think you are the most kind, wonderful, generous, and patriotic, Americans in the country. And your support - and the influence that grows from it - is not something I take lightly: I had to fight back tears when I heard John McCain saying, "Fight with me! Fight with me!", and to know there are others on our side - and who will put their money where their mouths are - makes me well-up with that same since of pride, and purpose, all over again. I knew you were out there, and I, too, will not let you down.

Sincerely - your own, personal, "All-American Boy,"

The Crack Emcee

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